Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tour Stop: Neglected Merge by Eve Koguce - Review - Giveaway!


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Block 20th

With her sister's rare illness taking its toll, Harper knows she can't hope to cover the mounting medical bills—or give her the life-saving experimental treatment she needs. But is accepting a reclusive billionaire's money really the right answer?

The last thing Blackwell Stone wants is to get married, but to keep his life and business, he needs a wife. So when Blackwell meets a reporter in desperate need of money, he proposes a solution: a fake marriage for one year. What could go wrong?

Turns out, everything.

Harper's sister will die without his money. Blackwell's world will crumble without her. But can they survive a year together and come out the other side with their hearts—and souls—in one piece?


Monday, July 26, 2021

Book Blitz: Drōmfrangil by Cynthia McDonald - Giveaway!


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Block 5th


Channing Hakonson has a secret. The world knows him as a mysterious billionaire and owner of the Port of Boston, but no one knows he was born in the 9th century, raised as a Viking, and thrown into the modern day through no will of his own. Using his wealth, Channing is determined to find a way back to his time and save his family. Unfortunately, a big drug bust in his port brings the police on his trail.

Detective Ella O'Connell's job is in jeopardy. To keep the roof above her family's heads, she must solve the Channing case and get the handsome billionaire behind bars. Every piece of evidence suggests Channing is guilty as charged, but when he starts falling for her, and she can't resist the pull he has on her their addictive affair proves a dangerous setback. One that could end her career and land Channing behind bars.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Book Blitz: Frostbite by Lynn Rush - Excerpt - Giveaway!


Book Blitz: A Vampire’s Sin by Marie-Claude Bourque - Excerpt - GIveaway!


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Block 12th

When master thief Telyn Maddox is arrested by the king's guard, she's caught between two worlds: a band of criminals known as the Shadow Raiders, the only family she's ever known; and a group of persecuted shifters. Now faced with a choice, she finds herself in a deadly game, pitting her loyalty to her family and her desperate desire for freedom against each other.

Forced into hiding, shifter Cam Stryder has spent the last five years hiding to keep his sister safe—until the rare gem that gives shifters the ability to shift at-will is stolen. Now, he's returned to the city he called home to find the one artifact that will save his race. Thrown together by fate, Telyn and Cam form a tenuous partnership that will test not only their abilities but their loyalties as well. They're both hiding something beyond just a growing affection.

Will the secrets they harbor tear them apart or will they be strong enough to weather a treacherous path leading them to a love they never thought they'd have?


Friday, July 23, 2021

Tour Stop: Doppelganger by William Michael Davidson - Review - Excerpt - Giveaway!


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Block 26th

On the surface, it seem that being a librarian and a stripper are polar opposite jobs, but in practice Kristy found that they were not nearly as different as most people would think. Strip club customers and library patrons both produce wild stories, and you have to be good at working with people in both professions (whether your clothes are off or not). In this first-hand account, Kristy describes her decision to get into stripping to make her student loan debt more manageable, overcome her introversion to learn how to hustle customers, learn about sex worker advocacy, and finally transition into full-time library work.

For years Kristy hid her stripping history to fit into the mold of a respectable librarian, but as time went on she realized this wasn't something she should feel ashamed about. Telling these kinds of stories helps destigmatize sex work, which makes it safer for current sex workers. Librarianship is changing, especially as the profession begins to evaluate itself through a greater anti-oppression lens. Librarians can learn a lot about class struggle and privacy advocacy from sex workers.