Tuesday, July 6, 2021

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Block 5th


But there he was, sitting alone in the diner gazing at her. His crimson eyes still held that dangerous hue, and she's not afraid of him this time.

Her skin prickled as her eyes widened taking in the soft and never-forgotten smile and dramatic features of the dark-haired man. Her senses yearned for him to speak once more as she hovered beside him. When she whispered his name, his eyes shone.

“It has been too long, Anaïs.” He drew the stunned waitress to himself.

“Rovidious…” Anaïs sank into him as he scooped her into his arms.

Secrets and love rarely mix, but Anais finds herself surrounded by controversy as she welcomes the mysterious Rovidious back into her life. He is just as charming as she remembers, but Anais can't shake the feeling that he's keeping something from her, and it's something big.

Anais wants to dig into her suspicion, but she has the sinking feeling that the answer might be more than she can handle. Will she allow Rovidious to give her only part of himself, or will she demand even the darkest corners of his heart? And can she handle what she learns? Lets find out.

Raven's Lore Irrevocable is the second novel of the Raven's Lore series, a paranormal romance following Raven's Lore Invocation, which continues to explore the balance between love and its consequences.



Block 12th

The innocence of my youth is shattered when my boyfriend is killed in a car accident—one I'm certain I somehow caused. Tormented by grief and guilt, I seeks refuge in the dream world of Hiddenkel, where I find a fierce sister, a mysterious green-eyed boy, and a darkly seductive presence drawn by my blood.

It all seems like a trauma-induced escape from reality...until I spot the green-eyed boy in person at the local Farmer's Market. The line between my dream world and waking life have blurred, and if I don't get my strange, dangerous powers under control, more people could die.

As darkness seeks me, bent on my destruction, I discover the dream world of Hiddenkel is real...and in grave danger. But if I don't get my powers under control, my efforts to save the universe will destroy my world instead.


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