Saturday, August 3, 2019

Pre Order: Cloak of Betrayal (Warriors of Hrothgier, #3) by T.M. Grinsley

Coming to a kindle near you September 30, 2019!!

As the enemy closes in on their doorstep, one of their own loses their life, while a second struggles to cling to the light.
Three years ago, Aonghus left his humanity behind to protect the woman he loved from an evil plaguing his soul. Bound by blood to his father, he becomes a thoughtless killer without conviction. With hands stained by the blood of innocents, his heart has become as cold as ice.
When the love Aonghus left behind happens to save his life, he isn’t sure how to handle the choices that have been presented to him. Especially when she could be the key to stopping the Cowl.
Meanwhile, Gavina is the wild card needed to tip the scales in the warriors favor. Raised as the next leader to take over the Cowl, she wants nothing more than to destroy everything her family has become.
Protector of the last remaining Volva, and leader to Thor and Freya’s guardians, she is the only one who knows the truth. What she didn’t expect was to see Aonghus ever again, let alone prevent his death.
Will the horrors of their past keep them apart, or can the warriors put aside their differences to fight as one?
Welcome back to a world of Vikings where no one is safe and war is always around the next bend.
*Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18
*Graphic Language
*Strong Sexual Content
*Dual POV