My Reading Journey

1. Have you always loved books? Who, if anyone, in your life has most inspired you to read?

No I have't always loved books, I actually hated reading when I was a child. It wasn't until grad 10 that I started to get into books. My best friend David, recommend I read this book he was all gun-ho about. I was (still am) in to anime. He said if I like anime then I would love this book The Wayfarer Redemption. It took me three months to read it. But I'm so glad I did! Since then, I haven't stopped. 

Who inspired me? Well my mom was always a reader, and I use to get mad when she read, because there was no getting her attention. My dad, also a reader, but I can't remember actually seeing him read, I just remember seeing the books after the fact. The person that I thank for getting me into reading is David, that first book started it all.

2. What was your favourite childhood book?

I can't remember what it's call, but it was this big book of fairy tails and fables, that my mom would read to my brothers and I. I went looking for it last summer, but no luck. My mom doesn't even know where it is. I just remember it being old, worn, and it smelled like home.

3. Which books do you remember studying at school? Did you enjoy them?

Well, I remember, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Julius Caesar, Lord of the Flies, Schindler's List, The Catcher in the Rye, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Giver, and that's all I can remember but I know there's are more. There was this one book that I hated so much that I tossed it across the room. Mom wasn't happy about that stunt. As for what books I liked, The Give, The Catcher and The Rye, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and Macbeth.

4. Where do you most enjoy reading? Do you need silence to read, or can you read almost anywhere?

I can read anywhere. I create my own world and tune everything else out. I've had whole conversations with people while reading, only to not remember having it, then argue about it. Especially when it's about something that I agreed on. But I do like some background noise while reading.

5. Choose five of your favorite books and tell us why you loved them so much!

1. Pride and Prejudice

Why? because I love old-school romance, and there is just something so enchanting about looking into the past, because this book is first hand, and it's amazing. 

2. Kingdom of Cages

This was the first book I ever bought, out of my own money when I was 16. My first sify book, it was memorizing. It wasn't a love story as it was about survival and family. I've read this book over a dozen times in the last 17 years. 

3. Every Other Day

I'm not sure why I love this book so much, it's different, and addicting. There are so many emotions, and misunderstanding. Then there is this twisting and changing of the normal YA cliché's that just makes you so happy!.

4. Mr. Perfect 

This book is hilarious, and the banter is incredible. I think I have read it like, 20 times. I use some of the quotes in real life/ I get looks, but I don't care. "Are you making fun of my hero complex?" Love it!

5. Demons at Deadnight

This is the YA that broke all YA's for me. After reading this book, it set a new standard. I had a dry, awful run with YA. I couldn't find anything that didn't make me want want to toss it. This book has everything I didn't know I wanted. Those are the best.

6. Do you prefer reading fiction or non fiction?

Fiction. I have read non-fiction, but I like getting lost in a world where anything can happen.

7. Are you fond of a particular author and what attracts you to their books? (You can pick a few if you can’t choose!)

I am fond of a few authors. What attracts me to books? The cover, I know, don't judge a book by it's cover, but we all do it and some of them are basically works of art. The synopsis of the book is another attraction, but I have learn that you can't always thrust those either. I hate misleading synopsis's. My gut, sometimes I just get a feeling about a book, and I have to read it, or I get the feeling that I
shouldn't waist my time.

8. Is there an author you haven't yet tried but you'd really like to?

No, because I don't pick books my Authors. Unless it's Rick Riordan, I'll read anything that man puts out.

9. Do you rely on Goodreads to keep track of your reading or do you have your own method?

I do the 50 book pledge, but before that, I didn't keep track of what I read, or how many. Other then putting them in my bookshelves, and just all over my home. Now I  have my blog to help keep track. 

10. What's the best book you've read so far this year? What are you reading at the moment? What will you be reading next?

Best Book This Years, Idiot by by Laura Clery . What am I reading now? The Siren Jewel: Spellbound Prison Saga by Karri Roberts. What I am I planning on reading next? Twisted Magic: Twisted Magic Book One by Rainy Kaye

That's my Reading Journey so far, because it is far form over


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