Review Opportunities

 Looking to get into advanced readers copies,(ARC) or looking to start reading for review, but are unsure how to start?

You're in luck.

Here are some tips, as well as some resources to get you started. 

1.     Virtual book tour companies will have select books for review. These are a great way to get your foot in the door. Most times the book may already be released, giving you a change to look at the already posted reviews and see if it's something that you would read. One of the most important things when choosing a book/ARC is having an idea if you would be able to give the book a three star or above. This should be done carefully so that you aren't in a situation where you either don't like the book, can't finish (due certain book elements), or are unable to meet your deadline.

Here are some Virtual Tour Companies, that I personally use, to help you get started. 

o    Xpresso Book Tour

o    Bewitching Blog Tour

o    RockStar Book Tours

o    ChapterbyChapter

o    GoddessFish

o    RABT Book Tours and Pr

o    PICT (Partners in Crime Tours)

o    Pump up Your Books

o    iRead Book Tours

You can also find ARC's and other books for review on select GoodReads groups. You will need a GoodReads account to access these groups. 


2.     When choosing your first book, start with one that has a lower word/page count to test the waters. We all have busy lives, and reading isn't something that can be done in a flash. Also make sure you choose an deadline that fits into your schedule. If something comes up an you can't meet that deadline, contact the partner where you got you book from. Below are some host site for review requests. 

3.     Make sure you understand what type of book you're choosing. Research it. Genre, theme, sub-genre, info about it from the author. If a book has explicit content, it will most likely have a note/warning from the author. Don't get upset if you start reading and it turns out to be something that doesn't alien with your personal views; because you didn't do the research before hand. (You know what I'm getting at. I've seen to many reviews like that, and it all it shows is your close mindedness and stupidity)  

4.     Treat this as a commitment. Know your reading pace, and how long it takes you to read at different word/page counts. If you're late, or do not post a review after the deadline, it will hinder your changes of getting more books for review. You could end up getting black listed/ banned from acquiring future books/ARC's. 

5.     Your review doesn't have to be something deep, or insightful. You aren't wiring a book report, simply write what you fell about the book. 

6.     Avoid putting a rewrite of the synopsis in your review. There is no need for it, as the book details will cover that. 

7.     Try to avoid spoilers. You can allude to some, give a tease about it, but don't drop major plot points or twists in your reviews.

8.     It's okay to put in what you didn't like about the book. Authors love constructive criticism, and often times will thank you for it. It helps them grow as writers.

9.     If you hate the book, try not to drag the authors character down. There's no need of it. Give your low rating, explain why you didn't like it and where to improve. Let it go, it's a piece of fiction, forget about it and move on. Often times if you contact the author, or the company where you got the book, and explain the situation (can't finish, can't give it a three start above, etc.) they will, most times, understand and release you from that commitment. 

10. Lastly, DON'T BE LATE! DON'T GHOST, AND DON'T UP-LODE YOUR REVIEW COPY FOR OTHERS TO STEAL! Especially if you signed a NDA. Digital or not, that's a contract and you could be sued for damages and breach of contract.

Check out these Current Books for Review 

Block 12th

My brother gave his life to help me escape the pack. Now, after being in hiding for the last few years, I’m seeing shifters outside of their normal territory, and they’re getting closer to my little patch of wolf-free paradise.

If they find out I’m still alive, they’ll haul me back and mate me to some random wolf, keeping me as a breeding machine to perpetuate our species. Forced imprinting is supposed to be forbidden, but if I know my pack, that won’t stop them from getting what they want.

With danger lurking around every corner and the chance of me being caught getting ever higher, I’m on the verge of descending into hopelessness. Until I meet Roman. But what if he’s just the lure to chain me to a different pack?

As badly as I want to be free from the obligations of a pack, that freedom just might cost me the guy. But as it turns out, my feelings for Roman are only half my trouble…

If you love the mystery of JR Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood and the magic of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy, then you’ll love House of Wolves and Magic


Block 12th

When Italian chef Rosalina Calucci finds a clue to an ancient treasure, she makes the mistake of bringing it to rogue treasure hunter Archer Mahoney, a dangerously sexy, frustratingly irresponsible, Australian millionaire. Something she knows all too well since he's also her ex-fiancé, and it was his secrets that tore them apart.

Archer Mahoney, will do anything to drown out his painful past; breaking up with the irresistible, smokey-eyed, woman of his dreams is proof of that. But his talent for finding lost treasure is almost as good as his talent for finding trouble and his feisty ex is just the beginning.

Rosalina's clue could be the key to locating an ancient treasure that's haunted Archer for years. But some treasures are buried in blood, and a deadly enemy will stop at nothing to keep a sinful secret contained. Can they mend the ocean between them, or will Rosalina's quest for answers be just the beginning to Archer's nightmare?

Treasure Hunters box set contains three action-packed, steamy romantic suspense reads full of drama, danger, and passion. It features a strong heroine and the rugged-yet-mischievous millionaire who steals her heart.

Block 20th

But the ruling royals chose her to help repopulate the kingdom's capital city, and a single peasant girl can't defy a power-hungry new government without a death wish. Things go from bad to worse when, instead of rewarding her loyalty as promised, the city officials doom her to a life of servitude and labor in the lowest class of society. When blind obedience to her rulers leaves her unemployed, homeless, and estranged from her family, Vespera's attempt to change her fate and avenge the peaceful life she lost leads to even more trouble. Because in a city swarming with nobles, soldiers, and rebels, revenge will come at a desperate cost... If you can't get enough of Grimms' twisted Fairy Tales and Kiera Cass' The Selection series, then this is your next addicting read.

Knights Full of Magic (The Fae Queen's Circle of Dragon Shifter Mates Book 1) ARC
Angela Edgehart
A fae princess. Three irresistible dragon shifter knights. The memories they're all missing. I was supposed to marry a prince. Instead, I'm tied to a ruthless king. I tell myself I'll take everything he loves, including his three sexy knights. But those three males are more than they seem, and apparently, so am I.
Genre: Teen and Young Adult
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Block 5th

Pix and Jaz are two girls who just want to hunt monsters, craft armor, and pay off their college loans—but when a colossal new monster falls through the portals in the Dazzling Skies, it’ll take all their skills to survive it.

Their skill levels? Slightly above noob.

Fortunately, they have their oversized swords, a lot of sass…and one giant monster friend who might help them out.

For a price…

Block 5th

Super-model Aubrey Duncan was excited when her father asked her to be the family company's spokesperson—until she met the new head of marketing. Eric Juárez was sexy as hell, yet he ended up being the first man to break her heart.
Years later, Eric believes he left his feelings for Aubrey in the past. The hardest thing he ever had to do was leave her—but he did it for her own good. When he’s forced to see her again, though, he realizes just how wrong he was. But after their meeting, he understands Aubrey’s hatred for him runs deep. Now, for the second time, he’s forced to dismiss his love for his beautiful girl.
Consumed by bitterness but unwilling to disappoint her father, Aubrey bites the bullet and agrees to work with Eric, even though she can’t get past her anger at him for how their relationship ended. But little does she know, Aubrey isn’t the only one out for his blood. Eric’s return also brings back his mistakes, which forces the unwilling pair to stick together… if only to survive the psychopath intent on killing them both.

Block 12th

With Lily’s jaw-dropping confession, Alyssa Crawford is up to her eyeballs with questions no one seems to be able to answer, and when they do, it just leads to more questions. For someone who wanted to broker peace between the wolves and the witches, the High Priestess seemed to have a secret agenda of her own. If anyone crosses her, she was capable of making them pay. But what did she do that finally got her killed?

When Capucha is finally arrested by the agency, Alyssa isn’t sure if the whole thing was set up by someone close to her. She must be close to something, something big, if they’re going after the only people she can trust.

Alyssa is on the precipice of solving it all when a key witness goes missing. Without her, Alyssa won’t be able to tie things together. And the only person who can track her witness is Capucha. If Alyssa wants answers and justice, she must help Capucha escape confinement, even if it means breaking the law and picking sides. At this point, Alyssa is willing to do everything for it now that she and Marcus broke up.

Block 12th

She also happens to be the sexiest, most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on…and my best friend’s little sister.
Time has transformed every inch of her into a sultry vixen, but she still has a black heart trapped inside a body I’d die for.

Kyla is also the only woman who can to turn me into a power-hungry and ruthless animal, and right now, that’s exactly who I have to be if I’m going to save my family.
Turns out, we need each other.

So the arrangement has been made.
She-Devil is about to become a Mrs.
My Mrs.
That is, if we don’t kill each other first.
I’m going to need a bigger pitchfork if I have any shot of surviving.

Block 20th

Two months after his fiancée, Elizabeth Reinhardt, leaves him with no explanation, broken and confused, Trent Lemend is forced to pack up and start over in rural Georgetown, Texas. Believing his life could get no worse, Trent attempts to bury the inner demons of his past.

But when he stumbles upon a terrifying crime scene, Trent's troubles are only just beginning. Discovering that one of the victims, an emaciated, blood-covered woman, is still alive, changes his life in ways he never thought possible.

Saving the woman destroys all that he's ever known. Suddenly, as a witness, he's the killer's number one target. With the murderer on the loose, nobody is safe--especially Elizabeth, the only woman he's ever loved. Now, it's up to Trent to save his ex and reclaim his life. But will he discover a dangerous dark side of his own?

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