Sunday, July 25, 2021

Review Oppertuinity!


Block 12th

When master thief Telyn Maddox is arrested by the king's guard, she's caught between two worlds: a band of criminals known as the Shadow Raiders, the only family she's ever known; and a group of persecuted shifters. Now faced with a choice, she finds herself in a deadly game, pitting her loyalty to her family and her desperate desire for freedom against each other.

Forced into hiding, shifter Cam Stryder has spent the last five years hiding to keep his sister safe—until the rare gem that gives shifters the ability to shift at-will is stolen. Now, he's returned to the city he called home to find the one artifact that will save his race. Thrown together by fate, Telyn and Cam form a tenuous partnership that will test not only their abilities but their loyalties as well. They're both hiding something beyond just a growing affection.

Will the secrets they harbor tear them apart or will they be strong enough to weather a treacherous path leading them to a love they never thought they'd have?


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