Monday, July 26, 2021

Review Opportunity!


Block 5th


Channing Hakonson has a secret. The world knows him as a mysterious billionaire and owner of the Port of Boston, but no one knows he was born in the 9th century, raised as a Viking, and thrown into the modern day through no will of his own. Using his wealth, Channing is determined to find a way back to his time and save his family. Unfortunately, a big drug bust in his port brings the police on his trail.

Detective Ella O'Connell's job is in jeopardy. To keep the roof above her family's heads, she must solve the Channing case and get the handsome billionaire behind bars. Every piece of evidence suggests Channing is guilty as charged, but when he starts falling for her, and she can't resist the pull he has on her their addictive affair proves a dangerous setback. One that could end her career and land Channing behind bars.

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