Saturday, July 10, 2021

Review Opportunity!

Block 26th

With her deadly magic now restored, Jessica Northwood is finally whole. But the last ruthless fragment of her past still hunts her down to finish what she started, and there’s nowhere left to hide.

Thanks to a warded rune slapped on her neck and the fae man who put it there against her will, Jessica now has complete control. And Leandras still can’t be trusted—even when he’s willing to risk his own life as much as hers.

When the monster from her childhood comes knocking with a vengeance, not even the bank can protect her. The Gateway must be opened, and Leandras’ plan is as shady as he is. If they survive the darkness consuming the dying world behind that door, they can make their final stand against the Dalu’Rázj. But fighting the darkness isn’t so easy now that Jessica has embraced her own with open arms, and it’s impossible to tell which is worse.

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