Saturday, August 7, 2021

Review Opportunity !

Block 20th

Aided by the original Order of Laenmúr in Xahar’áhsh, Jessica Northwood finally discovers how far her role as Guardian really extends. But to truly fulfill it, she must bend the truth for everyone, and it won’t be pretty.

Her vestrohím darkness battles with a powerful magic she didn’t know she had. Leandras tries to come clean, but it’s one disaster after another with the fae man who apparently can’t decide where his loyalties lie. Or maybe Jessica just can’t accept how intertwined their fates have become.

Deadly alliances and maddening deceptions greet Jessica at every turn while both sides of the Gateway crumble beneath a ravaged world desperately trying to break free. Jessica can’t do this on her own, but her greatest ally makes her doubt everything she knew about life, death, and the mysteries between. If she lets herself trust Leandras, she may as well throw herself at the enemy’s feet. Without him, though, there’s no hope left for the Guardian—or for anyone.

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