The Last Knight (Pendragon, #1)

The Last Knight (Pendragon, #1)The Last Knight (Pendragon #1)
By Nicola S. Dorrington
My rating: ★★★★☆

( I received this book free from the Author In exchange for my honest review )

After reading a slew of books that made my head hurt, this was refreshing. I was captured from the first chapter, no the first sentence. This story drew me in and immersed me into a beautiful, freighting world of legends, knights, honor, and kings. Before I knew it, the tale was over; and I was left with a bitter-sweet ending that left me wanting more.

Cara, to be honest, I wasn’t keen on her in the beginning, mostly beuase of how she was with her mother, and though I understood, it didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t until she left, fell and cried that I felt for her, and all misgiving I had vanished with her tears. She was broken, but strong, she tried to keep her head up while keeping it low to avoid unnecessary conflict. It was heart-breaking to watch the bullying, even if it was only in the first few chapters.

I liked that this story didn’t dwell too much on school life; it got to the point fast, without making the story feel rushed. Sure it has a typical YA opening, with the new guy knowing more than the MC, but he wasn’t a jerk about it. He wasn’t concerned about others, he was there for one reason, Cara. Far too many times this same ideal is written, but the so-call hero gets distracted with mundane school problems that take away from the flow and plot of the story. He’s a knight of old, honor bounded to do his duty. Nothing about that annoyed me, I have always been intrigued with old mannerism and how over the years it’s been twisted and form into the lack of it we see today. Again, this was refreshing.

The plot and flow of the story was smooth and stayed on point. There was a mission, a task that needed to be done, and stopping wasn’t an option. Though, there was some transition issues in the beginning. One that stands out and confused me, was a scene were Cara was chatting with Lance. When the convo was over, it suddenly cuts of to her waking up in bed. I had to go back and read the scene before to make sure it wasn’t a dream she had. That sudden change, in my opinion should have been either a new chapter, or a break of some kind, that should have been added to separate that sudden change of scenery. (Jump cuts do not work in the written word).

Getting back to Cara and Lance, I didn’t find that their attraction fell into the dreaded insta-love category as it did into a more deeper affection that was centuries in the making. Cara had feelings for him, which grew over the book. For most of it she as fighting what she thought was emotions not of her own. But there is a twist, that makes you understands that this love, is much more than a teenage romance. I had a hard time not falling more them, and placing them on my favourite couple list. Their story is bitter-sweet, and I don’t thing they’re going to have it easy. (Plus, there was no stupid love-tringle).

I’m not going to go into detail on Lance or his brothers because it will spoil the story. But, I loved them. They had minds their own, and for once didn’t all fall for the one female lead. They had a job, a mission, to protect, to defend, to follow, and they did just that. Without the useless drama, just to make drama.

A real highlight for me was that Cara didn’t forget she had parents, good parents, and a father that was worried sick about her. She made it a point to make contact, even if he wouldn’t understand. It was heartbreaking to read, but I felt a twinge of happiness that she understood the pain and greaf she had placed and caused.

The ending was a bittersweet cliff-hanger. Again I can’t, no I won’t, get into it, because it will spoil everything. Reading this book yourself is the only way to know. So yes, I highly recommend this tales of old, brought into the modern world. It’s a fast past adventure that brings us in the old legends of when there was magic, knights, and kingdoms to save. This is the start a new legend, a new hero, and a love that has transcended time.

I would like to thank Nicola S. Dorrington for giving me the opportunity to dive into this world of hero’s that will never truly die

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  1. I like that you keep your reviews spoiler-free! This sounds a refreshing and enjoyable read! I'll keep an eye on it although I hate it when a book ends with a cliff-hanger and there isn't a second installment in the series yet :)

    Aeriko @

    1. Thank You

      If I do have a spoiler I make sure it's hidden, so it's view at your own risk. There is a second installment, called "The Forever Queen", I just got it off amazon. I'm going to wait a bit before reading because I don't know when the third one will be out. lol.



  2. Thank you for such a wonderful review, Emily! So glad you enjoyed the book!


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