About Me.

I tend to find bio's about myself hard to write. How do you start? I know they're about selling yourself, putting out the best version of you for the world to see. Nothing wrong with that, that's exactly what I'm about to do. Well sort of.. 

I love reading; I can't get enough of it. I do a lot of reading for review; as to why I started this blog. I'm honest; I don't like putting a blurb about the book in my reviews, that’s what a synopsis is for. I start with what I feel at the end of the book. To me that's what a review is, your thoughts and feelings on the book; not a rewrite of the book itself. 

I don't always like the books I read, and I have no quorums about giving a below average review. (Let’s not use the word bad. Because someone else will probably think I book I dislike, is amazing.) You can learn a lot from a one or two stars review; unless it's a bully review, then just ignore them. 

I'm a happy person, I don't dwell on things and I often forget anything I deem unimportant. I don't have time for BS anymore. It's tiring and just a waist of valuable time. I am a military (Canadian) veteran. I retired, July 2020 after 14 years of service. I am now a Business student at NSCC (Nova Scotia Community College) and perusing my bachelors in Business Management. My end gold is to have my own book cafe, geared towards featuring independent authors and having a getaway for book nerds alike. 

I have three cats. They are my fur babies, and I would destroy anyone that tried to hurt them 

I love to write; I've been working on a novel for about; I don't known, a year now. I'm about five chapters in, and my main problem is after I finish a chapter I keep going back and rereading the others, to try catch mistakes and typo's. I have clumsy fingers, and my keyboard insisted on fighting with me. Every. Day!

I already have a cover drawn up, three actually, so when the story gets to say 70%, I'll post them so you all can vote. I also have a synopsis written up, and will be posting it when I'm at 50%. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment or message me via Facebook

What else is there so say, other them I'm bluntly awesome. I was once told by a good friend, that I don't beat around the bush, I trample it. That was over 10 years ago and even now when I remember that, I smirk or bust out laughing. Good times, good time. 

Well that is all for now, if I think of anything else I will add it. Please keep checking back for updates on my reviews, promotions and writing progress, (there's a progress bar in the side menu). 

Have a wonderful reading day

-E.A Walsh

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  1. Hi, Emily! I've been following your blog for a while. I'm a USMC veteran, now a full-time writer. Would you be interested in reviewing my latest Mac McClellan Mystery (#4), DEADLY SPIRITS? Each book can be read as a standalone. I can supply an ebook in most formats, or if need be, a print copy per your request. More info of DEADLY SPIRITS and my other works can be found at my Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/E.-Michael-Helms/e/B001K90FSM/

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes to you and yours,



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