Monday, May 25, 2015

House Hunting.

Good day everyone.

Don't Judge, Read: House Hunting, E.A. WalshBlogging is going to be slow this week. I'm currently out of town looking for a new place to live. As it goes with being in the military, there are times that I get uprooted and moved to a different province. In this case I'll will be moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

But, do stop by tomorrow for my day on the Remembered (The Vistira Trilogy #1 blog tour. I will posting my review and an interview I did with the author E.D. Brady.

I will try to get some spotlights in, and maybe a news post or two, but my time will be focused on finding a place to live. A daunting task I don't like no matter how many time I do it.

Wish me luck!

And don't for get to check out my post on the Remembered tour.

Happy Reading


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  1. You'll be closer to Anne of Green Gables country! Great time to move as summer's coming in; happy house hunting and will look for your next blog from out east.


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