Friday, April 3, 2015

BBC chooses best children's books of all time - do you agree?

To mark International Children’s Books Day, the BBC has published a list of the 11 best children’s books of all time, as voted for by a panel of critics. Did your favourite make the grade?

Charlotte’s Web - best children’s book of all time? Photograph: PR

Yesterday, to celebrate International Children’s Books Day, the BBC Culture team unveiled its poll for what critics say are the 11 best children’s books of all time!

The books were chosen by a panel of adult experts - but there has been some controversy. Not a single book on the list was published after 1968, so the list misses out on Harry Potter, His Dark Materials and the David Walliams books, to name just three.


  1. Aw, I love all those books - they make me nostalgic for my childhood (which at 25 wasn't that long ago but still)

    - Melissa @

    1. I only know of a few of them, but still they brought back memories, >.<


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