Yu Yu Hakusho, Volume 9: The Huge Ordeal!!

Yu Yu Hakusho, Volume 9: The Huge Ordeal!! (Yu Yu Hakusho, #9)Yu Yu Hakusho, Volume 9: The Huge Ordeal!!
By: Yoshihiro Togashi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Things are heating up.

This volume has some of my favourite scenes that cross over with the anime. It also has that one scene that always gets me. But I will not tell you because now you're curious.

There are lots of emotions in this volume, lots of heavy feels, the ones that punch you in the gut. We also get to see a softer side of Yusuke. The one he tries to hide, and build walls around. We also get to see the team in their down time.It's nice to see them trying to relax while not thinking about their pending doom.

We get some in-site on Hiei, his powers and how he fights. He missed two of the fights, se we never got to really see what he can do, or how much he has changed from earlier volumes. What I loved the most about this volume, is the ending. All of these volumes ends with a sort of a cliff hanger, but this ending, this is real cliff-hanger. I'm so glade of have all of them, I don't think I could have survived having to wait for it. If you have never watched the anime, then you don't know what I'm talking about, then you'll be amazed and shocked at the same time.
But, I'm not telling.

All in all, as I have said for the other volumes, I dare you to take the plunge and read this outstanding series. You might be showed of how much you love it!

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