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Title: MOUNTAIN OF FLAME (Gems of Fire #3)
Author: Diane E. Samson
Pub. Date: August 4, 2021
Publisher: Diane E. Samson
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 347

Reeling from Jack becoming king of Oclen, Princess Anna returns home as Sunderland’s Defender. Earning her title was a hard-fought honor, but Anna can’t escape the guilt of leaving Jack alone in that cursed, starving place.

When Jack comes to Sunderland seeking aid from Anna’s father, she must decide whether to return with him and help defeat the curse plaguing the cold northern land. If she remains Sunderland’s Defender, she knows her heart would never forgive her for abandoning Jack to rebuild a crushed kingdom.

Can Anna leave what she loves to become queen of a people suspicious of her and the gems? Joining Jack would mean battling an evil greater than anything she’s ever faced, for the curse’s roots grow deep. But if she doesn’t, Oclen will likely fall and Anna will lose Jack forever.

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Title: VALLEY OF BONES (Gems of Fire #2)
Author: Diane E. Samson
Pub. Date: February 15, 2021
Publisher: Diane E. Samson
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 351

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Princess Anna is left to rule Sunderland as regent when her father, brother and her presumed fiancé Jack ride to battle devouring creatures in Jack’s home kingdom of Oclen. She must establish herself as a strong leader with the Sunderland council and a neighboring king who brings along two handsome princes to negotiate an alliance.

Trouble erupts as outlining Sunderland villages are attacked by pillaging marauders and the council loses confidence in Anna’s leadership. As Anna waits in trepidation for word from her father’s army, all she hears is silence. Her scouts never return. When the reports of a coming horror reach Anna, she forges an unlikely alliance and forgoes her father’s long-standing policies against gems of power. She trains Sunderland’s remaining soldiers to fight with gems. She’ll lead them to battle to rescue her family and the one she loves.

But first she must survive the treachery brewing in her own court.


Title: GEMS OF FIRE (Gems of Fire #1)
Author: Diane E. Samson
Pub. Date: August 4, 2021
Publisher: Diane E. Samson
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 347

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Palace of Sunderland. Paradise to the peasants. Prison to sixteen-year-old Anna, daughter of the king. She can never escape the castle’s cold walls and scorning disapproval of her father and his brute royal counsel, Seamus. She’ll always live in the shadow of her late mother, the queen. Will they ever see her for who she really is?

A riding accident lands Anna in the hands of traders who sell her as a slave in distant Kasdod to none other than her father’s enemy, Lord Anwar. After overhearing a dangerous plot to conquer Sunderland and kill the royal family, Anna must escape and warn her father, even if it means facing her greatest enemy.

With the doom looming over her, Anna is approached by a dangerous man in the dark. He claims to want to help her, but can she trust him with her secrets? The perils of the journey ahead will push Anna to the limit and answer the one question that has always plagued her...

Will she ever be enough?  


Series Rating: ★★★
Series recommendation★★★★★★★★★★
(I received these book free in exchange for my hones review)

What a series. The first  book set the stage, thought at times it did feel a little telly, and did for me, feel like it got caught in the "first book syndrome". But I was hooked enough to keep going. 
The second book was explosive, picking up right where the last left off. It not only topped the first book, it gave me everything I wanted form the first and more. Our MC was growing. maturing and developing into quite as bad-ass warrior queen! 

Now the third book, just, wow, talk about icing, this was dripping in all the goodness. Everything came together like a well oil machine. As a military vet, there were some scenes that warmed my battered little heart. The ending was chefs kiss. Though I do hope the author continues with other stories for this amazing world that was created. I believe there is more to be told, even if this saga has ended for now.

Overall this series (thought may start out a little rocky for some, as I said the first book, though has a strong opening, does fall into a lot of set up troupes for the characters and plot.) Is worth your time and energy. It's fast, unique, invigorating and will have you falling for all the character and their stories. 

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh 

Diane E. Samson grew up on acreage just north of Kansas City, Missouri, with horses and dogs in the backyard. She later pursued her love of words and earned a degree in magazine journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. After graduation she worked as a reporter, managing editor, freelance writer and in public relations. After moving around the country, she's recently returned to the Kansas City area where she lives with her husband, children and golden retriever.

She's written fiction off and on her whole life. Gems of Fire is her first series about a girl traveling a journey of self-discovery in a world of powerful gems, supernatural forces, epic battles and of course, handsome heroes.

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