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The Witch of the Prophecy
The Prophecy Trilogy Book 1
by Victoria Jayne
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The catastrophic prophecy is in motion, and Divina’s choice between her vampire ex-boyfriend and the wolf shifter she’s just met will impact all supernatural kind..

Divina’s had it with the prophecy.

Divina’s not convinced the prophecy is about her. Her manipulative vampire ex-boyfriend, Rori, is reluctant to give up his love for her to pursue the throne. Meanwhile, the wolf shifter meant to claim Divina doesn’t believe in the prophecy. However, he does believe Divina is his mate.

With the pressures of the prophecy and the most powerful coven in the present-day United States, Divina is left to choose between complying with the prophecy and mating with Aric—or leaving it all behind to allow the catastrophic possibility of supernatural beings getting exposed to humans.

The Witch of the Prophecy is the first in a Trilogy. Combining the angst of a love triangle with the drama of the supernatural and a splash of heated passion takes the reader on an exciting journey. The Witch of the Prophecyis perfect for fans of Charlaine Harris, L.J. Smith, and Stephenie Meyer.

Sexy and enthralling, this is a paranormal romance author you need in your life! Amazon Reviewer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

You will enjoy this frolic into fantasy and it will leave you craving for the next installment of this sweet and sexy trilogy. Amazon Reviewer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I finished the book in just under a day! As soon as I started reading, there was no way I could put it down.Goodreads Reviewer ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hi everyone, I’m Victoria Jayne, and I will be guest blogging for you today. I am the author of
The Prophecy Trilogy, which currently has 2 books complete and a third nearly done. Now that I’ve
gotten what I write out of the way, let’s talk about what I read, and who inspires me. Here is a list of
my top 10 favorite authors and my favorite book they wrote.
  1. Madeline Sheehan is the author and Undeniable is the book. This is the first in her motorcycle club series, which invites us into the world of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club through the eyes of Deuce and Eva. This is a knock out, drag out, dark love story that I adored down to my bones. I love that as we go further into the series the love story of Deuce and Eva continues. I am chomping at the bit waiting for the next book in her series. After I fan-girled out over her series on Twitter, to my surprise, Ms. Sheehan has interacted with me. I do try to keep my gushing about her and to her to a minimum.
  2. Kim Jones is the author and Sinners Creed is the book. This is another dark romance that features a motorcycle club. There are only two books in this series, and this one is the first. Sinners Creed had me crying in my cubicle at work. I love books that tap into my emotions as rawly as this book did. It has a sort of happily ever after but not the way you think. Dirk and Saylor’s story is profound. I really enjoyed the aspects of MC’s that Kim weaved into this book. This is another responsive author, I commented on twitter about how I was moved to tears and the lovely Ms. Jones apologized for making me cry. Please, keep doing it!
  3. Elisabeth Naughton is the author and Enslaved is the book. This is actually book five in the Eternal Guardians series and it brings to light the struggle of Gryphon an Argonaut who struggles since leaving the underworld. This paranormal romance will make your toes curls and tug at your heartstrings. There is something about an author who will respond to you when you tweet to them, and Ms. Naughton is another friendly and approachable writer.
  4. Suzanne Wright is the author and Feral Sins is the book. This is the first book in the Phoenix pack series. This was my first paranormal romance book and I ate up everything I could get my hands on that Suzanne Wright has written. The dynamic she establishes between Taryn and Trey is electric and I love the balance of alpha’s. She plays it out well.
  5. J.D. Tyler is the author and Black Moon is the book. I believe this is book three of the Alpha Pack series. There is a short novella which is jammed in there, so it might be considered book four. Anyway, what do I like about Black Moon so much? Kalen’s struggle. I love Kalen. He is the perfect mixture of bad boy who wants to do right and dark temptation. I don’t read a lot of books about necromancers but the few that I have encountered they tend to be the bad guy. Not Kalen. He wants so bad to be good, and he only slips a little bit.
  6. Dianne Duvall is the author and Night Unbound is the book. This is book five in the Immortal Guardians series. Lisette is such a kick ass character in this paranormal romance how could you not love her? Plus, there is Zach and the conflicted hero is done very well in this book. The dynamics between all the characters are fantastic. I listened to this book as an audiobook, as I do most books now-a-days, and the narrator was phenomenal.
  7. Mitch Albom is the author and For One More Day is the book. I know, its not a romance book. What have I done here? Well, I do mostly read romance but I am a die-hard fan of Mitch Albom. His books speak to me on the emotional level that I usually get from romance books, but in a different way. The way he writes feels effortless, like his stories are really just conversations. I read the books as they were released but I don’t think you have to read them in order.
  8. Anne Rice is the author and The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is the book. This is book one of the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. The movie Interview with the Vampire spawned my love of vampires and all things paranormal. But the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty was the first book I read that depicted BDSM, and I do love me some BDSM. This series, trumps 50 Shades so hard, they shouldn’t even be considered in the same genre. Anne Rice is a master at her craft and I wish I was a tenth of the writer she is.
  9. Cherise Sinclair is the author and This is Who I Am is the book. This is book seven in the Masters of the Shadowlands Series. It’s really hard to pick a favorite book in this series because they are all written so well. Ms. Sinclair does an amazing job balancing kink with consent. She shows what the ideal Dominant is supposed to be. In This is Who I Am she tackles sadism and masochism and is able to show just how loving a relationship that includes this sort of pain play can be. I also adore that Ms. Sinclair’s characters are older, and not the twentysomethings of youth. These are people who have lived life which helps me connect with them.
  10. Last but definitely not least, Tillie Cole is the author and the book is Souls Unfractured. This is book three of the Hades Hangmen series, another motorcycle club romance. This series is definitely not a read for everyone. Ms. Cole takes you on the darkest journey yet to include child sexual abuse. I repeat, this is not a series for everyone. However, if you can tough it out through the very difficult parts, the story of Maddie and Flame is heart wrenching. They are beautifully broken for one another. The writing is as beautiful as the tale.
Okay that’s my time! You’ve been great folks! No, seriously, that is my list of my top 10 favorite others and I included their books that I like the most. As you can tell, I do like to read series’es. I am a wonderful binger. I will binge a series like a fiend. If you haven’t done so already, please check out these authors and their wonderful writings. You won’t be disappointed.

The Wolf of the Prophecy
The Prophecy Trilogy Book 2

Who knew that one magical mistake would carry such dire consequences?

When Divina goes missing after Aric claimed her, the shifter has to call on his pack to find her before his inner wolf goes insane.

Meanwhile, following the beat of his vampire heart, Rori searches for her hoping to make amends. He wants to convince her it'll be different this time, and that she's his. But first, he has to find her.

Divina just wants space to practice her spells, far away from Rori, Aric, and the prophecy that brought them together, which they just can’t seem to shake. But when she makes a mistake and unleashes chaos, she has to turn to them for help in cleaning up her mess.

Rori and Aric must put aside their rivalry and work together to protect the woman they love or else lose everything they hold dear.

The Wolf of the Prophecy is the sequel to The Witch of the Prophecy and is the second book in the trilogy. It’s is perfect for fans of Charlaine Harris, L.J. Smith, and Stephenie Meyer.

Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Victoria was an insatiable reader. She adored getting lost in the worlds others created for her. During her early teen years, she enjoyed the works of R.L. Stein and S.E. Hinton. As she got older, she drifted into the worlds provided for her by Anne Rice, Suzanne Wright, J.D. Tyler, Joanna Wylde, Cherise Sinclair, Dianne Duvall, and Elisabeth Naughton, to name a few. These writers spawned her love affair with both the romance genre and the world of the supernatural.

Victoria started writing as a hobby while still in high school. Now her days are spent writing, enjoying time with her husband, and her two children. She still lives in New Jersey. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and New Jersey Romance Writers. Victoria is a New Jersey Devils Hockey fan, an avid SecondLife Roleplayer, and a Netflix binge watcher.

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