The Journeyman (The Commons, #1)

The Journeyman (The Commons, #1)The Journeyman by Michael Alan Peck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

( I received this book free from the Author through Goodreads group [Shut Up & Read] {Read It & Reap} in exchange for my honest review )

The Journeyman is truly, in my opinion, a deep read. Before the story truly takes place, we get a look at the three people that will ultimately be the focal point, and keys to the plot. We get just enough from each, for us, and for them, to form a connection before they are tragically killed and separate.

Strangers that are intertwined, unaware, connected by fate and a unknown duty.

You are sucked in from the very first line. From that moment you know that there may not be a happy ending. We get look in Paul's life, his struggles, and his faults. From that tib bit, you know his has a heart of gold, that's been unfortunately tarnished by that unforgiving world that is foster life. Losing just as many fights as he winds.

He's hard on himself, and doesn't want help even if he knows, he needs it. As the story moves forwards he grows, he learns, and finally understands.

This is the same for Annie and her autistic son Zach. Annie, wounded by war, struggles everyday with her injury and trying to help, to understand her autistic son. Her intro is shorter then Paul's but no less building. As her story moves on, in my opinion, I feel like she grew the most.

Zach is a sweet kid, and one you just want to help. He isn't fooled, and he listens even when you think he's not. It is he, who gets the ball rolling, and it is he, in the end, that is the true hero.

The book is writing in third person. With this setup there are a lot of scene changes. They are marvellously done. It was like every other page there was a cliff hanger. Just when you're getting into a certain part of the story, bam, you've thrown into another.

(When Zach got left on the rock, surrounded by water, I nearly died with worry, it felt so long before it got back to him)

There is a touch of romance, that little bit of a forming crush, but the friendship comes first. I like that, just a touch, simple, and cute.

The world that is The Commons , is masterfully build, and as confusing as this in-between, after world place is, the structor is strong, and the foundation is solid. The bad guys are pointed out right away. And it isn't about them being bad, it's about the mastermind who controls them and how.

There is no shortage of action or creepy moments that jerk you around. This world has everything the human mind can think of, with crazy tossed in the mix, for some extra fun.

The ending, my heart broke a little, not so much about how it ended, but, how it was left hanging. I can't say what I really mean because that will give it away. But as happy as the ending appears, it isn't a every after.

I highly recommend this book, it's a look into a world of judgment before the other side and into the choices that where made in getting there. From learning to believe in yourself, to remembering what's most important. This book will grip you, hold you, until there's no more.

I will thank Michael Alan Peck for giving me the opportunity to read this fascinating novel.

Happy Reading


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