Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #3Rebel Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #3
By: C.D. Gorri
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

( I received this book free from the author in exchange for my honest review. )

I am raving. This book topped its predecessors in all aspects of how a story should be told. The constant struggle for Grazi to accept what she is and trying to keep her beliefs strong, is heart breaking. She has to take in, process so much, so fast, while trying to weed out the fact from fiction. Her emotions are run on high, and with no one to really talk to about it, she’s lost, confused and is still unsure of who to trust.

The beginning of this story brings us across the seas to where it all started. We get a look inside the village where Grazi's legacy began and, we get to meet and see the hand chosen council. That world gives off a dark and daunting feel. You can tell that not all trust, or believe in race they're assigned to protect and govern.

I'm not set on this council; they don't seem to get the danger. I got the feeling that they simply didn't want to bother, or blieve that peace could be so easily shattered.

That tid bit of background at the beginning; sets the tone and overall feel for the rest of the book. As you're reading, a sense of panic and fear is playing in the background, dancing, laughing almost in the back of your head. Grazi hears this, and feels helpless, she's smack in the middle of it, and knows it.

There are so many things going on in this book. But they aren't jumbled together. Old and new elements are spaced and placed very meticulously. Not so far apart so they’re forgotten but, not so close together as to make the story feel rushed and clustered. The story balance is unmistakably near perfection.

There's a lot of information revealed, and it plays almost as a set up for book 4. I have a feeling the next installment is going to be fierce, bloody, fast, and simply, marvelous. Who doesn't like a good old showdown, with fisticuffs and blood?

Ah, there’re so many things I want to spoil about this book. I just want to bounce all my theories around, and just spill everything, but I won't. Even if I want to rant about Ronan and Grazi and how ... well, let’s just say there’s a problem on cloud nine. But I can't disagree with her, on where she stands. I want to, I want to slap her and say, get over it,, but I can't justify the ends to the means.

The ending! OH hell no, Gorri went there; she went and pulled a heart breaking, feels exploding cliff-hanger. It had the same heart stopping feels when I read the ending to The Mark of Athena, why, just why!

I really hope I don't have to wait over a year to know what happens.

But that last scene, with Grazi concluding, standing by her decision, as she put big girl pants on, was bad ass.

Before that gut dropping cliff-hanger, the dots I connected in the second book were proven true. Oh I rock. ;p.. But the biggest reveal wasn't something I was expecting, a twist to a twist. Now I have new dots to connect and I have to rework the theories I’ve already surmised about this series. I believe things are going to get a lot darker before we see the end to this outstand story.

There are a few minors things that I was put off about. Grazi rambles a lot, and repeats herself in the same ramblings only with different words. I do this myself when going on a tangent. Even though I find it annoying, I can't fault her for something I do myself. And yes, I do find myself at times, annoying. But in knowing that, works so well in my favor. I be a sly one.

The only other thing that irked me in this read is that Grazi calls herself a freak and weird a lot. That could be due to her to not to happy upbringing, with her she-devil of an aunt, but in my personal opinion, she's says it a bit too much for my liking.

Other than those small character flaws (not saying that her flaws are bad; they just need to be toned down a little. Those flaws are what makes Grazi, Grazi.) I highly recommend this book, this series. The story/plot is strong, original, and nothing is lost along the way. Full of twists, this story will have you going right, only to be sharply turnabout before jumping into an unknown direction.

I would like to thank C.D. Gorri for giving me the opportunity to read this extraordinary work of inspiring fiction.

Happy Reading


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