Queen of the Warrior Bees By: Jean GillNew Review: Queen of the Warrior Bees By Jean Gill

Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces #1)Queen of the Warrior Bees
ByJean Gill
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Queen of the Warrior Bees (Natural Forces Book 1) by Jean Gill was a different, original read, that kept my attention and kept me flipping the pages.

My first read by this author, I was caught by the beautiful cover and the original elements I found in the synopsis. I dove into this book, and I had it read in one sitting. Now though I say that, I did have some issues.

This book opens on a strong note, and the narrative was smooth and compelling, sucking you in. But at times it felt dull, there were some over-explaining, and too much detail on unimportant things (so much info on bees that really didn't need to be in there), and the world building suffered for it. It's sad to say, but as much as I loved this book, it fell into the, first book, set up, for the series, trap. I get why there was so much info, but, frankly, there should have been less on the bees, and more on the mess that was happening in the Citadel, and the actual plot that was happening there.

I loved the original concept of this book, and I did like the MC. She was cold, strong, and fierce, which is rare in most YA MC's. I can see how that could be a turn off, but I very much enjoyed that part of her personality. I love the realism, and how when the main plot got underway, that it was more complex than simply nature is evil. It was complex, and hit home, as it does reflex some of our real life issues. (I don't want to say cause I don't want to spoil that aspect.)

Overall this book is an original fresh read that has lots of potential, with it's deep inner working of human vs nature aspect. I will be following this series, so please take my high recommendation and my stamp of approval that you will find that this book is much more then it seems.

Happy Reading

-E.A Walsh

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