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Flame (Virtues & Lies Book 5
By: Alexandra Silva
Published: June 17th 2021

"Flawless...Silva delivers fireworks, chemistry, hate-to-love and love-to-hate." — Trilina Pucci, USA Today Bestselling Autho

GEORGINA GLADSTONE is brokenhearted. She gave in to the dark, twisted world she distanced herself from. Letting in the meanest of the monsters around her and falling for his black heart and blacker soul. 

Now, she can't walk away from Frederick Emsworth no matter how hard she tries. Lust has become an obsession—a love so great that it thwarts all reason. But in a world where each breath could be your last, will love really conquer all?


I took a kiss and it stole my soul. 

Now, it doesn't matter how far I pull away. To protect swan and save her the darkness inside me. It doesn't matter how hard I push her away, because everything comes back to  that -

One Moment. One Kiss. One Smile. 

The more I resist, the greater my need for her becomes. It's impossible to let her go and reckless to keep her when the world around us threatens her every heart beat. I watch her from the shadows and guard her from afar. There is nothing I won't do to keep her alive. No line I won't cross and blood I won't spill. Because I'm not a monster, I'm the Devil that will destroy your soul if you go near mine. 

I am a moth enthralled by her flame. 

Leaving only one certainty in this war - Georgina is my destruction and my end. 


Possessive Antihero⁠

Fiery Ballerina⁠



HAF Chemistry⁠


Secret Society⁠

English Aristocracy⁠

Mafia Wars⁠

Flame by Alexandra Silva is the conclusion to the Virtues & Lies series and Freddie and Georgina's duet.





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