Let it Bleed

Let It Bleed (Lucy Collins #2)Let It Bleed
By: Francis Yamoah
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

( I received this book free from the Author in exchange for my honest review. )

Let’s start with the truth, shall we.

When I first started reading this book, I didn't like it. It didn’t draw me the way it should have and I felt my eyes wonder. I wasn't reading the words so much as I was thinking, this isn't going to be an easy read. It felt choppy and underdeveloped, like uneven stepping stones.

I'm so glad I stumbled through the opening.

As painful as it was to get through those first few paragraphs, when I did I was hit with a much steadier story and solid foundation. Think of it like walking up to a hard looking house. The walk way is hard to navigate, the steps are sketchy and you're sure you’re going to fall through. But it's all for not when you enter the house and it’s simply put, blinding.

So in saying all that, the reason for a 4 star in the opening

Onwards with the good stuff

I like Lucy, she's strong, bright, and she doesn’t take any shit. I'm in the military, navy. I know, what she was saying about the so called friendly banter. Police, military, firefighters,(not just these, I know there's more.) they're boy clubs. Although we have entered an era where woman are in every type of work force and pelage our hearts and soul in it just as hard. There are still some of the old boys and theold way of thinking that puts us woman a step below. Showing them that their line of thinking and that their so called friendly banter affects you, just reassures, in their mine, that we don't belong. Lucy said you need a thick skin, and she's right. My nickname on ship was Ice Queen (I’ve been ashore two year now). I was once asked if I was gay because I didn't sleep around with the boys on the ship. This not only hurt me, but my LGBT friends who were listing nearby. All you can do is basically tell them to F off, or throw an even lower blow back. I've gotten so good at it, that it translate over to me civilian life. Not I get called hard, mean, and un-empathetic; I can't win really.

I really connected with Lucy on that front.

I felt bad for Rosie, even though she was sleeping with a unavailable man, I just felt that someone as upbeat and bright as her should have been looking for something better, someone that was all hers. I had a bad feeling about that guy when he interacted with Lucy outside her house. F'en Tool!

(So glade she kicked/destroyed his ass, after he put Rosie in the hospital. She should have chopped off his balls instead of just kicking him.)

I enjoyed the POV change. We got to see into the killer’s life, his childhood and how he came to be. We even get a look into the crimes from his POV. A bit disturbing, it was interesting. You don’t always get that deeper look in crime mysteries, and I think there should be more of that. Get the other side of the crime, the thoughts and actions that lead as the killer to do what he did.

The flow of the story, though as I said, was choppy at first, smoothed out as we dove deeper into this deadly world of cat and mouse. The points of connections where clear and concise, and I was never left confused as to what was going on. You were always in the loop, and there were no question left unanswered. The only thing that threw me for a loop was that the police and detectives did carry a gun. I kept thinking, why don’t’ they have guns? It must be a law in their county, that’s not something you leave out or change. I was so put off by it, I stopped reading and google/wiki it. My line of thinking was right. You can check it out below.


So don’t have a freak out that the Author messed up.

In all, I highly recommend this book. It’s a fast pace mystery with lots of twist and turns to keep you reading until the end. I would like to thank Francis Yamoah for letting me have the opportunity to read and review his work

Happy Reading


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