Jake the Growling Dog

Jake the Growling DogJake the Growling Dog
by Samantha Shannon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jake the Growling Dog (Jake the Growling Dog Book 1) by Samantha Shannon was a cute, heart warming read, that's perfect for all ages.

My first read from this author, and going way out of my comfort zone, I was scouting books for my niece when I came across this one. I took a chance and decided to give it a read before I sent it off. This sweet read has such a wonderful lesson about judgement, friendship, working together, and looking beyond what we see. It hits a little home, as I can relate to Jake. I have a strong blunt personality, and people don't always take to that. This book shows the progression and the way one outstretched hand can change everything. Oh and I have to touch on the illustrations, they are beautifully drawn, and flowed nicely into one another. So bright and inviting, with clean line work, it's a delight for the eyes.

Overall this book is perfect a read for anyone, and everyone. So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval, that this book will warm your heart, and have you looking out for Jake's in the future.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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