I Can Kill

I Can KillI Can Kill b
y Angela Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Can Kill by Angela Kay was a criminal mind-like thriller that had me hooked from start to finish.

My first read by this author, I didn't quite know what to expect. I love crime thrillers, and I find that some books are hit and miss. And I can tell you, this book was a hit. Though I did manage to figure out the big surprise at the end, I wasn't able to deduce the killer. I was slightly shocked, but the more I thought about it, the more I piece the little clues together.. Bravo.. I love books that shock and surprise me like that.

Aidan was a strong solid main character, he carried the story and for me was realistic. Not only was the way he investigated realistic, but Aidan as a human was. We get to see the shadows behind his eyes, the nightmares that formed from unsolved cases, and the way a case gets in your head and messes with your sanity. It depicts how keeping it in, isn't healthy, and that believe it or not, communication is a key to helping ease those shadows and pain.

The story itself was suspenseful, frustrating, mind-bending and entertaining. There was no dead air. The timeline matched with what a real investigation would be like. Months, not days. We get a glimpse into the killer's POV, but never enough for you to finger out who it is. The way he is written is chilling, it only feeling I get from him is emptiness, just emptiness. It's a dreaded feeling and for a second there I thought this book was going to end on a cliffhanger... I think I probably would have tossed my kindle out the window.. it didn't... but.. something tells me this isn't the end.

Overall this book was a fantastic mystery thriller, and as I said it has major Criminal Minds feels, if you are familiar with that show, you know where I'm coming from, and know this book isn't all that tame. There is graphic violence, if you are triggered, or sensitive about that stuff, be forewarned.

I give this book my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval. This book is worth your time, believe me, you will not see it coming.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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