Fairy Tail, Volume 3

Fairy Tail, Vol. 03 (Fairy Tail, #3)Fairy Tail, Vol. 03
By: Hiro Mashima
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do you do when you love a series so much?

Bing of course!

I'm all caught up on the anime, so I stared reading the manga to fill the void. I love the art work, everything is detail, sharp, and clean.

The humor is very, western. Normally I don’t get Japanese humour that well, even though I do understand it, and I know it's vis versa. But Fairy Tail has both, mashed together and it hilarious. I mean laugh out loud hilarious.

The action is tight, and nonstop, and what seems impossible is made possible.

Highly recommend this series. It's will transport you to a new world of magic, madness, and impossible-possibles.

Happy Reading


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