Exodia (Exodia Ledgers, #1)Exodia
By: Debra Chapoton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

( I received this ARC free from the Author in exchange for my honest review )

I'm So-so on this book. The concept and idea was great, but I wasn't drawn into this world like I wanted.

The writing style, for me was flat, monotone. Everything was simply put, as it was. There was no jump, no spark; I didn't feel anything when reading. Well that's not all true at times I did feel anger, and discomfort. There was no depth to the writing, no pulling description on how the characters were feeling. I first took note to this when Dalton kills a man, who was beating on a red child. He processes what he had done a little too robotic. Yes guilt was present, but he only spoke of it, didn't really express it, and nor I did feel it or believe it. From there, the tone got flatter and flatter. I didn't feel the urgency, the rush, or the pain he must have been in. It was all very, forced.

As for the characters themselves, I didn’t have a care for them; why? Well again, they were very one dimensional and frankly put, boring.

There's a two year time skip that threw me, not in a good way. Dalton is on the run, and needs to get to the rebellion’s leader’s camp ASAP. Nope, he detours, marries and has a kid. It’s not always a good idea to listen to Siri. (yes I just pulled an apple joke..ah ha, ha,)

Oh then there’s ther very weird love-not-so-love tringle. I mean you have insta-love, right out of the gate. But sadly they have to part ways so Dalton can save the world. Then there's the, what I like to call, the hangover-love. The poor sap that gets taken in as the replacement until said boy or girl gets back to their one and only insta-love. That's where I got angry, and I believe, were the discomfort started to set in. I didn't want to keep reading, but I did because I did want to know how it all played out.

Towards the end the flatness did, how would you say it, puff, I guess? There was action, acid rain and a last minute rescue. Just enough action and thrill to get this book into a three star spot and enough to compel me to want to read the next book, I’m curious to see how this this adventure ends.

In all I do recommend this book, the plot is good; the overall story is unique in regards to the dystopia genre. As I said, I'm so-so. Though I didn't quite like it like I wanted, by no means did I hate it. As I said, I want to read the next book, I'm inversted and intrigued. Give this book a chance, everyone is different, what I’m indifferent on; you might like and think me a fool.

Happy Reading


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