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Author: Jenna Ryan
Pub. Date: August 27, 2018
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC (Amara)
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 250
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Rowena Connor's ex was a monster, and she'd do anything to protect her son from him. Including fake her death and sequester her son in another country. But somehow her ex figured it out. Now he's kidnapped her son and wants her dead—for real this time. 

US Marshal Ryan McCabe had to leave Rowena to save her. It gutted him. But now she's dropped into his life unexpectedly, on the run from the man McCabe has been hunting for years. He still burns for her, but it's clear she definitely hasn't gotten over what he did to her. Who can blame her? But her only hope to stay alive is to trust him, dark secrets and all.


One year ago…

James Mockerie knew things about Rowena. One of them was that she loved to walk, to move. To do.
When they’d lived in Las Vegas, she used to stroll along the Strip at least three times a week and watch people gape at the spectacular light displays, the special effects, and the stunts designed to draw passersby into whichever hotel they fronted.

The city was a whirl of glitter and color and money. Of sparkling jewels and beautiful women on the arms of anyone who could afford them.

Mockerie suspected Rowena had been mildly amused by the Byzantine drama that played out nightly like a gaudy Broadway play. Odd that she would have enjoyed such a spectacle. His brilliant partner of three years, who could make computers dance, sing, and play fucking dead if she so chose. Home schooling by the oh-so-loving grandparents who’d raised her had contributed hugely to that. Damn their miserable Colorado hides.

He’d been careless where she was concerned, blinded by her charms, by her amazing brain and, oh yes, by her beauty. Seduction was Rowena’s middle name. Mata Hari her first and last.

She’d seduced him, then she’d turned around and poisoned his life. As a result, everything he’d worked so hard to achieve in his vast business empire was threatened. Or would have been if he hadn’t crushed the last remnants of his feelings for her. Gone were love and fascination. In their place? Loathing and fury.

She’d flown to Miami ten days ago, then driven north to a sunny resort town called Cocoa Bay. She’d needed time to herself, she’d told him. But what she’d really wanted, and he’d known it, was to use the resort as a springboard to flight.

She was going to leave him and take what she’d discovered about his underground businesses with her.

What she was planning to do with that knowledge he wasn’t sure. She hadn’t approached the FBI as yet. But that was irrelevant in any case. He’d covered his

bases there. His nemesis, though, a man named McCabe. Now that was something he cared very much about. Rowena knew him. And as a US Marshal, McCabe could be very dangerous if he got hold of too much information.

Mockerie stood on one of Cocoa Bay’s remote piers under a filmy, overcast sky that allowed only a few stars and a tiny crescent moon to shine through. He listened to the ebb and flow of waves, to the nearby merengue music, and smoked an ultra slim cigar.

He smoked and waited and paid no attention whatsoever to the man he’d brought with him, the one dressed in loose cotton pants who looked like a surf bum, zoned out on some drug he’d purchased on the beach. But he was amazingly effective at his job. Better than zoned, however, his man was wired. They both were.

"Any sign of her, Carson?" Mockerie exhaled smoke and gazed at the water.

"Not yet, sir. But she’ll show. Between nine thirty and nine forty-five is her usual time. Crowd of people partying below could be a problem."

"They’re too drunk to merengue, much less notice anything going on around them. And if they do happen to look up and spot us, all they’ll see is two men helping a tipsy woman make her way along the pier." Mockerie grinned. "Ain’t we gentlemanly sons of bitches?"

"Sweet as a pair of vipers," Carson replied. "Look right, Mr. M. I think that’s her."

Mockerie was sure of it the second he spotted her. The pang that arrowed through his heart was short-lived and had his lips pulling back over his teeth. Fucking bitch. She’d made him halfway human. Who knew if he’d ever be wholly untouchable again?

"Stay where you are," he ordered Carson. At least he sounded like a ruthless bastard. "This part is my problem. I’ll handle it. I just want you here in case something goes wrong."

"But…" Carson began. Biting off the objection, he finished with a grim, "Yes, sir."

She wore a long, flowy dress that wound around her legs in the tropical breeze. Deep purple and no wrap to cover her bare arms. Her black hair, half up, half down, fell around her shoulders in a mass of soft curls. For a moment, he clenched his fingers. He had to claw his way through the red haze that enveloped his mind in order to return to a calm state.

Lack of control would screw up his plans more certainly than any external force. She was here, and so was he. The situation was perfect.

He waited until she reached the rail and stood gazing at the sea before he stepped out of the shadows.

"Rowena." He called her name softly. By distant lamplight he had the satisfaction of seeing her startled expression as she spun to face him.

"James! What…?" She composed herself quickly, gripping the wooden rail behind her. "You followed me."

He walked toward her, slowly and with intent. "Did you think I wouldn’t?"

"Hoped," she replied. "I hoped you’d give me the space I asked for."

"I hoped you’d be loving and faithful to me. Apparently, we’re both doomed to disappointment."

She couldn’t see his face. No one could. He always wore a hat with a brim broad enough to hide his features. If the custom stemmed from a lingering shred of vanity present prior to the time when he’d been brutally scarred, he refused to acknowledge the fact. Mystery was paramount in his opinion. The more the better. He had it in spades—and fully intended to keep both his personal and business affairs shrouded in it.

"You betrayed me, Rowena." He continued to advance on her. "You used your expertise, your prowess with computers to infiltrate my private files. I swear to God I never thought you’d do that. You always seemed so disinterested in my work." And he’d gone to great lengths to protect the less ethical aspects of his life. Hell, he’d been duping the IRS and the Treasury Department for years. Or, if not duping, at least making it impossible for them to find any real evidence they could use against him.

"I thought you were a legitimate business person, James. What I did is nothing compared to some of the hideous crimes you’ve committed."

He formed his lips into a smile. "So, no attempt to beg for forgiveness or claim your actions were the result of temporary insanity. No desperate promise to forget everything you’ve learned… Where’s McCabe?" he snapped sharply and out of the blue.

"I don’t know."

"Fuck that and you. You always know where he is. You were screwing him before you met me, remember?"

"I knew him before I knew you. But you’ve known that from the start, so why the sudden outrage? McCabe and I didn’t plot together to set you up if that’s what you’re thinking."

He couldn’t contain the growl that crawled into his throat. The merengue music below grew louder, matching the beat of his thundering heart.
"I’d have done anything for you, Rowena." Tossing his cigar aside, he reached into the pocket of his vest and pulled out a Magnum, his best and favorite weapon. With the silencer attached to the tip, he pointed it at her. "I loved you, you bitch. Now I’m going to kill you and take our son. You can take that to the grave." He spaced the words for effect. "I’m going to take our son." Fury overwhelmed him. Words failed as the red haze slithered back in and got a stranglehold on his mind.

He registered the glitter of panic in her eyes, before he bared his teeth and squeezed the trigger. Twice, as was his habit.

The breeze kicked up. He saw blood pool in the center of her chest. Two splotches of it. Pushing upright, she swayed where she stood. Then she closed her eyes and fell backward into the rail.

He heard it crack. The sound of rending wood echoed in his brain. A second later she was gone, tumbling off the pier and into the water below.

"Shit." Carson leaped to his feet, joined him. "I’ll get her, sir."

Mockerie walked to another section of the rail. He tested it for strength, found it wobbly and insubstantial. While Carson ran down the stairs, he returned to the spot where Rowena had stood and, crouching, rubbed his fingers over the blood that had dripped onto the pier.

What a waste. There were so many more intriguing ways he could have killed her. Ways that would have… Well, best not to think about what might have been. Better to focus on what he’d accomplished. Now their son would be his to do with as he saw fit. He might not like children, but he could continue to hurt Rowena through Parker and that made her death even sweeter in his mind.

His man returned twenty minutes later, soaked and panting. "I can’t find her, sir. I almost got sucked under myself. There’s a strong riptide out there right now."

"They happen." Mockerie narrowed his eyes. "Make one more search, then come back here and erase the blood. Any partygoers we need to worry about?"

"No one that I could see has reacted to it. I’ll keep watch for a while longer, and make sure no one shows up and starts poking around."

"Then my part in this is done." Mockerie surveyed the pier one last time. "If you find her, bring her to me. I want to see her."

Nodding, Carson left.

Mockerie breathed out. He’d executed Rowena’s death in a most unsatisfactory way. This wasn’t how he killed people. Had them killed if necessary, yes. Quick and easy. But when he did it, torture was the preferred method of death. Long, drawn out and oh-so painful.

Staring down at the missing half finger on his left hand, he shoved Rowena to the back of his mind and focused on another death. Ryan McCabe wouldn’t be as lucky as her. Not a chance. McCabe would pay and pay and pay for what he’d done. For what he’d made Mockerie do. For the horrors he’d made him commit. For the fact that the people that mattered most in Mockerie’s own life cared so damn much about McCabe. There’d be a full week of payment if it could be stretched that long. In the end, Ryan McCabe would beg for the grave.

Casting a final look past the broken rail and into the water, Mockerie whispered a silky, "You got lucky, Rowena. Very, very lucky. I promise you, your former lover won’t."

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Jenna Ryan was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, but spent her childhood in several different areas of the country. She began creating stories before she could read. Growing up, romance alone had a strong appeal, but as it turned out, romantic suspense was the perfect fit. After all, what could be better than adding the darker elements of a mystery to a romantic relationship? And, oh, the fun of those secondary characters. Over the years, she has worked in several different industries, including modeling, interior design and travel, however, writing has always been her passion - even if she didn't go about it in the usual way. She earned a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria in British Columbia and currently lives in a semi-rural setting fifteen minutes from that city.


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