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A Woman's World
A Woman's World Book 1
by Lynne Hill-Clark
Genre: High Fantasy, SciFi

Baya is not sure she wants the life her mother has planned for her

She has been prepared her entire life for three trials.

That’s all … only three ancient tests in three days.

A lifetime worth of work over in a matter of days. Easy right?

Then she will officially be a woman and in line to become the ruler of the world … or she’ll be dead.

But what if she doesn’t want either of those options?

If she can survive the trials, that’s when the real challenges will begin.

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A Woman’s World illuminates current issues by reversing gender roles. This story is full of rich world building woven into an exciting plot. It follows the life of a young girl who lives in a primitive culture on a distant planet where women have mystifying powers that keep men subservient.

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My Rating: 4.5
My Recommendation: 9.5
(I received this book free in exchange for my honest review)

I very much enjoyed this book. We are introduced pretty fast to how the world works in regards to men and women. This is seen in a reverse type way where the mother turns away from her male child. We have seen throughout our history that sometimes, that situation is the opposite. That contrast set the stage for the entire book. 

It also set the stage where hate, prejudice racism are taught. You were not born with it. This is seen when Baya entirely accepts her baby brother and even names him when her mother wouldn't. And she continued to look after him as much as she could. 

I like the overall flow of the story. It did read relatively fast. The plot moved forward nicely, and there weren't many lulls in the storyline. I enjoyed Baya's character and character development throughout the story. There are many elements that I want to point out, but at the same time, I don't want to ruin this. 

Just know that this book will capture you from the opening, and it will intrigue you enough to keep moving forward. Overall, this is a beautiful story, and it gets my super high recommendation and my step of approval. 

Happy Reading 

-E.A. Walsh 

Lynne Hill-Clark was born in Colorado and raised in a small town of eight hundred people. She received a Masters of Science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She graduated with a Doctrate of Psychology from the University of the Rockies. She is an advocate for Restorative Justice, a theme she has incorporated into her novels. She has extensively traveled overseas; her work and travel as an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Jordan helped inspire the world of A Woman's World.

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