Fallen (Fallen, #1)

Fallen (Fallen, #1)Fallen by Lauren Kate
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

If I could give this book a negative rating, I would in a heart beat.

>This book made me what to bash my head into a wall.Repeatedly.

The opening drew me in, then the draw stopped about half way through the first chapter. It got really slow, boring, and stupid for the rest of the book. It made me want to scream.

I watch a lot of true crime, and there's a show called Deadly Devotion . The title says it all and Luce is the kind of girl that would perfectly fit right in. Take it, she's stalking Daniel, she's obsessed with him, she clings to him even thought he treats her like shit. See where I'm going with this. Yeah, in real life she would probably end up as a documentary piece for Investigation Discovery.

It took me three months to finish reading this book, Three Months. I normally have a book read in a day. I hate to say it, but because I love reading so much and it's not too often I read a bad book, but there was a lot of nothing in this book. The spots where there was some action, (which happened at the end of the book) was short, very stupid, and still made me want to gouge out my eyes. I believe at one point I threw the book across the room because I got so frustrated with the setup. I have the other books, but I can't make myself read them, but I paid for them :( .( I'm crying inside right now.)

This experience has made me learn a valuable lessen when choosing books,(well actually it made me listen to a pice of advice I got from a good friend) always read at least the first chapter of a book before buying it, if you're still not sure, wiki it. If I would have done that before I brain numbingly bought Fallen, I would've saved lots of money form books that made my IQ drop.

In all, this book should have never made it to the shelves of books stores anywhere. Waist of time and money.

I actually gave the books to my mom for kindling for her fire place. A prefect place for it, if do say so myself.

Daniel is an Fallen Angel, as are for some odd reason, his whole group of friends.

Happy Reading any book but this one.


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  1. I actually enjoyed this book. Out of all the reviews I've seen people either completely hate this novel or totally love it. I like your blog! I followed via bloglovin' if you could check out my blog and maybe follow back?


    1. You're blog is super cute >.< I follow .. ♥

      I've seen the some thing with Fallen, I had to read the reviews after I read the books just to see if i wasn't the only one who didn't like the book. Sometimes I'll dislike a book and find no other below average reviews, and I start to think, I'm I nuts? Each their own. I like the idea of the book, but Luce just drove me crazy.

      Thanks for the follow ☺ I'm doing a blog tour next week, the 26th, stop by ☺




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