Falling Leaves Don’t Weep

Falling Leaves Don't Weeep Status: Finished
Falling Leaves Don't Weep - Advance Readers Copy
by Joshua Blum
My Rating: ★★★★☆

(I have received this ARC from the Author in exchange for my honest review.)

A look into the mind of an old king, one who has cetin regrets about, how as a youth he was not the finest or of the kindest of rulers.

This short takes place years after Mr. Blum's full length novel, The Thirteenth Hour. We are taken into a King's bedchamber, where he cannot sleep. Too much of his fool heart past is on his mind. Too much regret, sadness, and loneliness.

I will say no more, because I will end up ruining it.

As I started to read, Mr. Blum once again painted an extraordinary picture of fall colors and falling leaves. His skill that creates such lucid images, in so few words, carries on as he draws us deeper into the depressed world that is the kings. As the story moves forward the vividity does not stop until the last word is read.

I could clearly picture the old man as he stood by the breezy window, dissatisfied with his lot in life. I could feel the dying heat in the cold stone fireplace and the bight of cold fall wind. I could almost touch the falling leaves as they flew again and again into his room.

The book is as its title suggests, and I will give you one quote that will make you contemplate your own life.

"This falling leaf had shed no tears; its station in life was to be a leaf, destined to fall. But leaves did not spend their lives complaining about how rotten a hand they had drawn; they just went about living the best they could. Then they went about falling. There was no shame in that."

Captivated by these few word, I felt clam and thrilled that Mr. Blum chose to let me read his stunning short in advance. I would like to thank you for sharing your colourful words and deep feelings about our lot in life.

There is about half way, a little Easter egg that will have you smiling and going "I see what you did there".

I highly recommend this short, like A Shadow In the Moonlight you will not be disappointed.

Thank You Again, and

Happy Reading



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