Saturday, June 19, 2021

Review Opportunity!


Block 12th

The last thing McKenna Sawyer needs in her life is a stalker, even if he’s drop-dead gorgeous. She already has finals to worry about, not to mention what she’s going to do with her life once she officially graduates college. Being distracted is not an option.

Until she’s almost kidnapped and her stalker saves her.

Soon, McKenna is confronted with an earth-shattering realization: the supernatural exist, and there’s a war between them. And thanks to some curse her direct descendant—a witch—placed on both the fae and the vampires, McKenna is at the heart of it.

Now McKenna must travel to the Fae world with her stalker—the vampire Aiden—to break the curse. But he’s holding something back, something that could ruin the fragile trust the two have built up thus far, and, McKenna can’t help but wonder if she’s being led into a trap with deadly consequences.


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