Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review Update! Aqua

By: M.A. George
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
(I received this book free from Goodreads group, {Shut up and Read}[Read it and Reap] in exchange for my honest review.

This book has made me fall in love with YA again, or can you call it YA, this has more of a NA feeling to it. In all, I'm in deep feels with this wonder.This story is original, and it strayed away from the normal cliché that haunt YA/NA books. For one there was no, NO, insta-love; in fact love wasn't even mentioned.
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  1. I am so glad no insta love was mentioned in this one! That is definitely what you need in a book sometimes. I am glad it was able to draw you back into YA as well.

    1. Insta-love drives me nuts, not the good nuts either. It's great for Disney, but not the run of the mil books. One of the reasons I've DNF Zodiac was because of the absurd insta-love tossed in at the worst possible moment. Who cares that your world got attacked, and most of your class-mates are now dead. Who cares that your one and only sidling might be possible dead, no, no, cute boys take point....- I just gagged a little. - … This type of, -crap- needs to stop. Stop taking our hero’s brains away because she saw a cute boy…… Sorry, I ranted a little. Aqua is like, the first spine breeze, I want more books like that.


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