Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossovers

The Son of Sobek (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover, #1)The Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Short, sweet but very fun.

There was a lot of tension in this little short. You could almost see the sparks flying and the taboo that these two should not have met.

In truth this little short is the perfect set up for a whole new wonderful series; and of course, a new way to end the world. You can't have Carter or Percy around without the world ending.

I wish it was a longer. But in truth it was the perfect length.

Both boys are confused and have no idea what's the flaming hell is going on. They even start a fight, with each other (Boys).
">[ Cater punches Percy's boots off. Percy proceeds to try and drown Carter, there's blood and sword bindings. Again, boys.
Very few secrets are let out, you're almost screaming at them the answers. (Well at least I was :b )

I'm going to go read the next one and see what Annabeth and Sadie get up to. :)




The Staff of Serapis (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover, #2)The Staff of Serapis by Rick Riordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh My!!!!! Dare is say gods(s)

Longer then The Son of Sobek this little short of pure awesomeness was an action packed thrill ride right from the first page. (My feels are ready to skydive) I think I had it read in like 10 minutes; not that is fast or anything. This short was only 60 pages; but still, I devoured it like cheesecake. (Double chocolate Cheesecake)

I loved how easy Annabeth and Sadie just, clicked. It was like they fought evil gods on a daily bases.
We have not seen the end of the asshat that is Setne. Looks like he wants to be a god, well, that's just means ... more books!

I can't wait for the next installment. All of them are going to meet (Percy, Carter, Annabeth and Sadie - maybe more?), and fight this new evil force that wants to you know, either, take over the world, or destroy it.

Why do evil things want to destroy the world? I mean, they wouldn't be able to taste victory if no one is left to see it. If a tree falls in the woods... you get what I'm saying.

In all, I can't wait; more Carte and Sadie, and more of my fav couple in the world. Percy/Annabeth. !!!!! >.< ( Insert fangirl scream :o _______ )



The Crown of Ptolemy (Percy Jackson & Kane Chronicles Crossover #3)The Crown of Ptolemy by Rick Riordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm so happy but sad at the same time, why? Because it's over :(

I really wish this was a full novel, and I really wish this was the start of a new series. But you know what they say about wishes.

In all seriousness, I loved this short. It was fast pace, quick witted, and it had that Percy quark that we all know and love. And it there were plenty of percabeth moments to make up for the lack there was in The Blood of Olympus.

Sadie and Carter, I loves those two as well. They bring that annoying sibling banter that us with brother or sisters, know all too, well. They're a perfect fit with Percy and Annabeth and I hope their paths cross again on day.

There is a moment when there is quiet and Percy is watching Sadie prance around.

I highly recommend the series, it will fill a little bit of the hole left behind from having to end the Kane Chronicles and The Percy Jackson series. It has every thing you love from both series, and more.

Happy Reading


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