The Last Knight Published: June 28th 2013 by Nicola S. Dorrington
Kindle Edition: 259 pages
Edition Language: English
Series: Pendragon #1
Goodreads Rating: 4.26 of 5 ★
Amazon Rating: 4.40 of 5 ★

Customer Reviews

"This book was not one that I wanted to put down. It was a fun read and one you could get lost in. There is some serious potential with a love story a thousand years in the making. I seriously hope there is more to this book-as in a 2nd or 3rd book! You won't hate reading this book-not one bit!.... " - Amazon Customer

"The Last Knight was my personal favorite of Dorrington’s books. While I’ve really enjoyed following her vampire/werewolf series, this book just had a little something special. It had a feel that pulled me in, made me want to read more, and, yeah, when the book was done, I was kind of upset that the next one had not been released yet!...." - Kate Wrath

"The time travel portion of this book was wonderful! The writing was very descriptive, making me feel as if I were there. The storyline between Lance and Cara was creative and intriguing...." - Rachael Sizemore


dreaming Like any teenage girl, Cara Page dreams of the future, the difference is, every day those dreams come true. Now she's dreaming of a boy, and a future that can't be real. Because if it is, then everything she thought was myth and legend is actually true, and there is an evil coming that will tear the country apart.

Lance Filwer is a boy with secrets of his own, and a past full of mistakes he can't undo. Cara is his second chance, his chance to succeed where he failed before - if only she'll trust him enough to let him help her.

Cara needs to know what's happening, but the answer lies in a long forgotten past, and an ancient legend. To find it Cara will have to travel into the depths of Wales, and the heart of ancient Britain.

With Wraiths, creatures from the darkest of myths, dogging her every move, Cara knows it's only a matter of time before they catch up with her. And myth or not, they will kill her. Her only hope is Lance, and the birth right she must claim, if she is to prevent the future she has foreseen.

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About This Author

The Last Knight Nicola S. Dorrington is a 30 year-old writer from England, currently living in the Cayman Islands, where she procrastinates by staring at the ocean.

THE LAST KNIGHT was her first novel, set in a wet and mythical version of the country she left behind.

CHASING FREEDOM, her second novel shows a slightly different, but still mythical, side to her old home.

She fully expects to one day be a crazy old cat lady - only with dogs.

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