SolaceSolace by Therin Knite
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( I received this book free from the Author in exchange for my honest review )

4.5 Stars!

This heartwarming father daughter tail will have your feels in a death grip, but at the same time it will have you smiling like a fool.

Corina grew up without her father. All she knew about him was that he was a red-cross doctor, trying to save war torn villages that have been terrorized by a decade long - ongoing war. When he dies, in a POW camp, she's angry, not sad; angry.

Her anger is well placed, and felt real. She's angry at everyone for placing her father, who's is partially a stranger to her, onto an extremely high pedestal; fluffing up his achievements and exaggerating their own personal tails almost to the point where he sounds more valuable than gold.

She doesn't know how to react. That is a real, solid. Blood may have had made them family but years have made them strangers. I know this because when my grandmother died, I wasn't sad. She was 92, I never knew the woman outside of small visit that where 10 years apart. The only sadness I felt was for my dad, who was heartbroken. It’s a heard frustrating feeling not knowing how to react when you aren’t as devastated as everyone else. It’s one you can’t understand until you’ve felt it yourself. And believe me it doesn’t make you a cold person for feeling so.

My favorite moments where when Corina and her father (in the past) bantered back and forth, and had without reason, a strong connected. As they went through trail after trail, (very exciting trails, full of action to boot) you get to see how alike they actually are. Not only are we getting to know Corina but we are also getting to know the man that she disliked, and had us disliking at the beginning. By then end, as Corina mind changes, so does ours.

I liked the raw nature of this book. Just like the war it portrays, nothing was sided stepped or simply waved off. Like most teenagers Corina swears, ( not all the time, but there are times when a good swear is called for) and shows us that she can be a brat. Most YA sugar coat that bit, like they're writing a PG movie. <- Stupid.

There are a few graphic scenes. One of which is of a news report showing the war, as it really is, no editing, no cutting, just death and blood. I can't figure out if that's a good or bad thing. Too many things are surge coted, making us naive.

My only tiff, you could say, is that some of the dialogue was too long. I get it, a point needs to get across, but sometimes fewer words are more.


Also at the end, I wanted to see what happened when she got back. I was looking forward to when the old man plopped her back into her own time line. Right back to where he pushed her. So sad that part was left out :’(


In all this book is about the what if's, and the if only's. For Corina, hers gets answered, and in doing so she’s taken on a world wind adventure through time and space. (Well more like a watery rabbit hole.)


Did you noticed the connecting with the water? I did.


I highly recommend this book, as I said; this is a father daughter tail. One that will hook your feels and have you cheering with all your heart, that somehow, by the time you're done reading, the ending will have changed.

Thank You Therin Knite for letting me read such outstanding work.

Happy Reading


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