Revenge of the Castle Cats (The Grimm Chronicles #3)

Revenge of the Castle Cats (The Grimm Chronicles #3)Revenge of the Castle Cats
By: Isabella Fontaine
My rating: ★★★★☆

You're there again, why is Gawd still there! Why just way?

Okay I'm going to ignore my inner detest for gawd and move on with this review.

This book opens with Br'er rabbit telling us how he saved Alice form certain doom. I really like his voice when telling stories. He's fun, bouncy and makes even the most dangerous situations laid back and fun. He is by far one of my favourite characters this year.

On to Alice. She grew a lot in this book as I was hoping, though she's still using... I don't want to say it because it will start a rant on the stupidness of the word. Moving on, Alice matures. We see this clearly with her interactions with Fan, an old salty librarian who Alice can't seem to get alone with. So naturally Alice doesn't think will of her and is snippy, rub and at times mean. As she goes alone investigating the corrupt that appear in her dreams, she gets the change to have a talk with Fan and learns that Fan isn't as salty or as bitter as Alice believes. They find common ground, Alice learn that people aren't always what they appear to be and the sour opinion of Fan dissolves. Her snarkiness towards her parents isn't as profound as is was in the last book, showing me that she is in fact moving form a teen to a young woman. A character needs to gown, or it become dull, predictive and boring. This book isn't boring.

To get our hearts racing this books opens with a heart pounding fight scene, where Alice is almost killed while in the hospital. The corrupt seem to know who she is and wants her dead. There is a sense of urgency present in this book, unlike the other two where it was more laid back and day-to-day. This book brough us assassins, brainwashing, and the horror that is a cell-phone. Alice doesn't have time for dilly-dallying, her life is on the line and it was fabulous!

There is a twist a the end of this book, one I wasn't excepting and it actually sets the stage for the next one. I'm addicted to this series and will probably spend the rest of my day blowing through them. I highly recommend this book, this series. It is refreshing to read about the heroine, about her journey and growth rather then weed through the mush of boy-crazy Love that always seems to take up more the half a book. There is a time and place for love, and some times is does work in high stressful situations, and I do love me some smut, just not when our main is the hero and is fighting for her life. You can say I like the subtle love, the building of affecting rather in your face, and always on your mind.

PS. I'm so happy this girl has two loving parents.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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