Prince Charming Must Die

Prince Charming Must Die (The Grimm Chronicles #1)Prince Charming Must Die 
By: Isabella Fontaine
My rating: ★★★★☆

So to start, it was the name of this book that got me to download it, ( It's free on amazon just click here). I love fairy tale retellings and I love it even more when it's brought into modern times. This book does a twist, as it takes the original tales and creates a world where these stories have been brought to life through magic. It tells us how all our most beloved characters are trapped in our world, and how they are turning evil (corrupted) because they didn't know what the hell to do once their stories had ended.

I like this twist and how its takes us away from what we knew growing up. It's letting us see that the so called happy-ever-after, wasn’t all peaches and cream. There is an ugly side, and now because of the dark magic that brought them forth, the ugly has turned evil, and more then bath-shit-crazy. (Lots of physio’s and bloody killing sprees)

Now as for this story itself. It started out shaky for me, and god damn, why the hell is the Author using Gawd instead of god!? For fuck sakes, it's driving my mental. All the other words are find, all for gawd aka god. I'm annoyed just writing it. There is no damn need for it. It makes Alice, our fearless hero, sound like a bratty bimbo, who couldn’t fight we way through the push section in Toys-R-Us. It needs to be removed, the girl is 18 for crying out loud, it’s time to start acting like it.

Okay rant over.

Other than that one black smug, I am quite pleased with the way this story unfolded. As I start to say before a stupid made-up word invaded my love of the English language, the beginning was shaky. There was some unnecessary over explaining, I really don't care if Edward stops at all the stops signs or uses his turn singles. I get it, the first 20 times you side he was too prefect, I can fill in the blanks. This happens a few times before Alice stabs a snake. Yup I said stabs a snake, no need to spoil, but it’s after this point that the story gets good.

This fluffy tail of the too perfect boyfriend takes a surprisingly dark and deadly turn. It was like the Author found her grove and it was at that point where I couldn’t put this little marvel down.

Alice, who I deemed annoying as fuck when I first started reading, had now been upgraded to a little bit annoying, to becoming a new favourite kick-ass hero. It was a process, and to tell the truth, I wanted to DNF this book after the first chapter, but I stuck with it because of the title, and the notion that Edward wasn't who he said he was. This is a gem, and should not be passed over because the beginning isn't solid and annoying.

The ending, I loved it, it was real, fast, and full of nail biting action. Alice though scared and convinced she was going to die, pulled up her big girl panties and got the job done. She used her head, and used what she had, to kill an adversary that was bigger, stronger, and more skilled then her. These are the hero's I like, and the ones that should be wrote more about.

In all I highly recommend this book, it's a hidden original gem. I can't wait to read the rest of this series!

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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