MystiqueBy: Shari Arnold
My rating: ★★★★ ☆

( I received a copy of this book free from The Author though ChapterxChapter in exchange for my honest and unbiassed review)

I was quite surprised by this book,why? Well it's goes like this, I was sure that this short read was going to be a mind numbing excursion about how the hot guy suddenly likes the new girl who in turn, never spoke before he came back from the dead. I was sicken by that turn of events, and in truth, I wanted to stop reading. But the whole coming back from the dead thing kept me reading. I'm glad I didn't DNF this book, it took a different turn and for the better. I can't say why, because common, that would ruin the whole story, but I will say that there's a reason for why the hot guy is so interest in Presley, and, he isn't the only one.

Presley, she's okay, not great but okay. The real star was Sam. He's the guy you always root for, and this time all that cheering pays off. I don't know what it is latly but, I'm all for the male leads. I wonder what this story would've been like if told from Sam's POV or even split POV. I feel like so much more could have happen, explained or blew up if we heard his thoughts, or the fights with his dad. Sam always seemed to know more. He's calculated, perceptive, and cool headed. He stole the show for me and made this story.

The twist a turns were mushed at the end, and I felt that these events could have taken place earlier in the story. The first half of the story was a little too drawn out for me; too much filler not enough to action. As for action, it was all at the end. The last 40% of the book was fast, heart racing and bittersweet. The ending was great, it answered all questions, but it wasn't your typical happy ever after, so much was left open, almost for a second book or a spin off... Fingers crossed.

In all this is a original work of fiction and is worth your time to read. Once I was passed the initial boy meets girl.. Yada yada yada, the story was captivating, heart pounding, and frightening. The writing was done beautifully. The tone was light but shrouded in darkness to match the mystery surrounding the town and the sudden resurrection of the dead. I felt on edge reading, and that unease stayed with me till the bittersweet ending, even now it's still lingers because of how the "problem"was solved. It's a matter of do I agree, or should I agree. To stir such feelings is the reason I read.

I highly recommend this read, Is has touched my heart and I want the world to know what an phenomenal book Shari Arnold has created. I thank you for fabricated this stunning otherworldly piece of fiction that kick me right in the feels. I do hope there is more, I really want to know how Presley makes out. (view spoiler)

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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