My Love Story!!, Volume 1

My Love Story!!, Vol. 1My Love Story!!, Vol. 1
By: Kazune Kawahara
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This manga is cute as hell.

It's so cute and fluffy, that I was laughing and going aww that the same time. And believe me, that's a first for me. I shall call it; the-cutes-laugh.

It's so nice to see that the strong male lead isn't the normal hot manga male cliché. ( You all know what I'm talking about -insert eye roll here-) Sure his best friend is, but hell, he has the emotions of a rock. Well in the first volume at least. As I read more (volumes, I just couldn't stop!), you get a better since of the best friend, and why they are so.

This story is about that nice guy, the one that always get passed over. He isn't the best looking guy, nor the worst. But be has a heart of pure gold and on reflex, helps whomever and wherever he can.

This is a story I've been waiting for. As in mains, there is some resembles to Kelley Armstrong’s -Darkest Powers Trilogy: The Reckoning, The Summoning, The Awakening- Cleo and Drake. Though, maybe not so much in personalities, but just in the dynamics of the two.

This is a sweet love story, full of fluff, misunderstanding, friendship, loyalty, that's tied together with laugh out loud humor, you can't go wrong.

Give it a read, you'll know what I'm talking about in the first page!

Happy Reading


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