MoonlandsMoonlands by Steven Savile
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( I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review )

5 Stars

My head is full of OMG's, but not in a bad way. The Ending! Holy hell, what a plot twist, I was not expecting that, at all. But it's not just the heart clenching plots twist that has my heart almost stopped, NO; it's the soul ripping cliff-hanger! A damn cliff-hanger! Why! Now I will have to painstakingly wait for the next installment.

I will admit, (before I star prising this read), that I wasn’t particularly fond of this book when I first started reading it. Not that it was bad, but the first chapter structure, sentence balance and flow, were off, and it made my eyes wander. This stalled the read for me. I had to put it aside for a day or so. But I was intrigued. There was just something about the world I knew nothing about, that planted itself in my mind, created roots and would not let me forget. It made me pick the book up again.

I'm glad I did.

As I started the next chapter I was enchanted, drugged almost. I couldn't stop, nor could I focus on anything else. Aside from that fist blunder, the story flowed and sparked to life before my eyes.

I did have some doubts about Ash, but not as many as I had about Blackwater Blaze. I had him paged as a ruthless blood thirsty, singled minded monster. I was hoping he was going to get killed off. But I was proven wrong. He proved to be so much more than my first impression.

(I did know that from the first moment he say Ash, that he wasn't going to kill her. Saw that Ship miles away)

Back to Ash.

My doubt’s, or say, dislikes about Ash happen up on her introduction. She did an overuse YA cliché that made me cringe. I'm not pretty, I'm not special As she paints a mural of another world on her wall, yeah not special at all -_- . That aside, she grew fast. She used her brain to connect the dots. She tried to keep things in her control even when it looked like the end was near. She made the first move; she swallowed her fear and rose above it all. She made choices with knowledge and grace way beyond her years, ones that most teens could never fathom. Power is hard to give up.

It warmed my heart to see that Ash's parents didn't do the YA disappear. Her mother dove right in, and in doing so became one of my favourite characters.

The world of the Moonlands was described masterfully. It was like Steven Savile had personally been there and I was reading first hand accounts. It made me wanted to go there and see that exquisite world myself. I hung on every world, every detail no matter how small. There is a pureness about that world, one we hardly ever see in our concrete jungles. Magnificently Dangerous.

I highly recommend the read. It’s unlike any world you have very read about. It’s a world that only a dream could create and only a writer can bring to life.

Happy Reading


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