Kaitlin's Tale

Kaitlin's TaleByChristine Amsden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

( I received this book free from the author in exchange for my honest review )

Going into this book and not reading the Cassie's series I was surprised with how easy I was able to follow the story. The storying tell was smooth, plot holes where non-existence, and there was nothing written that wasn't relevant to the overall story. Everything had a purpose and it made the read fuller and simply outstanding.

From the start I was drawn in by Kaitlin’s will to save her child. She came to the terms with the fact that her lover was dead and was replaced by, well no one really knows, they call them vampires but clearly in this world, they’re more than just that. I never knew Jason before this book so I had nothing to compare him to, but at seeing the cold way he was with Kaitlin and Jey well, I’m with Kaitlin on keeping her boy away from his undead dad. Back to Kaitlin, she’s the female character I’ve been waiting for. Strong, smart, brave. Sure she was broken from past trauma and past lovers, but as broken as she was, her steel will to keep Jey safe had me throwing mad respect at her. She didn’t weather, nor did she become zombified in a cloud of depression, she put on foot in front of the other and thought only of Jey. I was impressed with the way she handled Matt at first their meeting and every meeting thereafter. She’s the hero of this story, no, she was her own knight.

As for Matt, again I didn’t know him from and hole in the wall, and my first impression, his not that bad of a guy. Sure he got problems, and you know is a bit of a self-entitled jerk, but that all seemed to be melting away in this read. He was already changing before he met up with Kaitlin again. She was his last push. In saying that, I quite like him as a character and love interest. It was nice to get inside his head and read his insecurities, to know that he wasn’t the man his “comrades” thought he was. Kaitlin saved him as much or more then he saved her.

I’m in love with this book and I wish this was made into a series about Katlin and Matt. There is so much more I want to read and know about them. Not only the love, but I want to know how the white guard fairs. The story isn’t over yet, the happy ever after hasn’t been fully achieved. I feel like there is much more that needs to be said, you could say there needs to be more closure. If anything that’s the only thing I could say bother me about the story. The open ended ending. Don’t get me wrong the ending was good, but it wasn’t complete. Even an epilogue would have been perfect.

I highly recommend this book, it’s a fantastic read full of action, self-discovery, forgiveness and a mothers fierce love for her child. You don’t need to read the Cassie’s series to enjoy this book. As I said, it’s an easy follow, the world building never stops, and there is enough backstory for you to understand, no, for you to fall into the amazing world that Christine Amsden has created. Take a change of Kaitlin’s Tale, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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