How to get free Kindle books, free 1 day Amazon delivery and unlimited access to over 1,500 movies

13:14, 20 February 2015 | By Emma Munbodh

If you fancy a free night in, free delivery on all your Mother's Day orders and free books for your Kindle, sign up to Amazon Prime now for their 30-day free trial

Movie Time Free movies, TV shows and more when you join Amazon Prime's 30 day free trial today

Amazon recently relaunched LoveFilm Instant into Amazon Prime - an online service that offers users access to over 1,500 movies, TV shows and documentaries through Prime Instant Video.

And the best bit is that because it's linked to Amazon, you get free 1-day delivery when you sign up and unlimited access to their huge e-book store - perfect if you own a Kindle and love to read on the go.

But there's a hidden trick. Here's how to get the above benefits without spending a penny!

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