Glass Sword

Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2)By: Victoria Aveyard
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I finally finished, not because the book was bad, no, it was too good for me to want to end it. The third book isn't being released until next year, and I didn't want to have too much of a wait.

Oh Mare, what the hell have you done with yourself? If you read my review of Red Queen you are well aware that I didn't quite like Mare as the main protagonist. And I still don't. True she did latch onto me like a leach in this instillment, but I still wasn't feeling her as the all hero. If anything she went backwards as the story went forward. She let her weakness for Maven overcome her better judgement (leave it to men to fuck with a girls head..this works vise-versa was well.) Do I feel like she made the right choices? In some cases yes and in others no. She was too close to this and she should have taken a step back at once point and weigh her objections.

What did like about her? Well the one thing that got me to form somewhat of a attachment was that when she mad a decision, she stuck with it. I have to gives props for her not backing down from her own.

I got to say, at the end, I wasn't expecting one of the loses to happen, in truth I was expecting this person in for the long hall. He was a great character and I don't believe he should have been killed off.

I loved Cal in this book, the mockery of what he had to go through, the prince without a kingdom, as Mare calls him The prince of nothing. He stood strong, proud and did everything he could to do what he believes is right, even if it went agents everything he was raised to believe in. Again, I feel as if Cal was the true star, Mare is simply a face to a cause, he is the one leading it. Again I believe this book should have had split POV's to showcase what Cal is going through.

As I said in my last review, the world building and detail is outstanding, and I don't need to tell you again how much I believe Victoria Aveyard's wiring is pure magic. All you have to do is read her books to know what I'm saying.

Ending, what a cliffy. The soul reasons why I didn't want to finish this book, but damn it, it was sitting there stirring at me. Now I have to sit back and wait for the next book, as my mind runs wild with all the fun possibilities.

I highly recommend this series. It's a breath of fresh air. This isn't your grand-mothers YA. This is on a different plain, gone are the insta-love and cliché that smother YA's. This book has created it's own.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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