I Belong to the Earth By: J.A. Ironside
1st Edition: 246 pages
Published: April 18th 2015 by illusio & baqer (first published April 1st 2015)
Edition Language: English
URL: http://illusiobaqer.com/
Series: Unveiled
Goodreads Rasting: 4.93 of 5 ★
Amazon Rating: 5 of 5 ★
My Rating: ★★★★★

Customer Reviews

"This was a different read for me, so far out of what I normally read. Not in genre but in the story and plot itself. This book is more than your run-of-the-mil YA supernatural/paranormal romance. It felt, to me, like a true ghost story. It wasn't about saving the world; it wasn't about anything other than a broken girl trying to save what little of her family she had left, while trying to come to teams with her own demons. I don't believe I have ever been so emotionally invested in a story before. My heart is still pounding......" - Emily-Ann (Me)

"J.A. Ironside has produced a story with all of the power and feel of a local legend, but with a refreshingly modern and approachable twist. The work, which echoes classics like The Woman in Black, creates a terrific atmosphere from the get-go, drawing readers into the setting; a small, backward town in Yorkshire, marooned in the centre of the moors....." - Madeleine Vaughan

"I Belong to the Earth has the feel of a spooky local legend or the best kind of campfire story, one that unfolds bit by bit, building the kind of unease that a reader can really savor. It’s not lurid or clich├ęd like a horror story might be. The story contains hints of some genuinely horrifying events—the acts that make Haze such a bad guy, the exploitation that creates a terrified and bitter housemaid—but Ironside understands that the most unsettling details are those left for the audience to imagine....." - Amanda R. Smith


"There." Grace pointed towards the moor and I saw it: there was a shape in the dark. A tall, masculine shape. No, not a man; a piece of darker darkness in the shape of a man.

We were being watched.

Seventeen-year-old Emlynn knows all about grief and guilt, not to mention secrets. Being able to sense the Dead wasn’t so bad before the accident which killed her mother. Now it’s taking over her life. Broken and shut off from the world, Emlynn is horrified when her father moves the family to a remote Yorkshire vicarage. A house that stands at the centre of a centuries old curse born of betrayal, jealousy and poisoned love. A curse that feeds on the lives of young girls. A pattern about to repeat itself once more...

When her older sister, Grace, gets involved with local bad boy, Haze, Emlynn knows she has to act fast. Somehow Haze is connected to the curse. Is Grace his next intended victim?

Hurtling towards another family tragedy, Emlynn must find the strength to stop running from her gift, or risk losing the rest of her family for good.

Only the dead have the answers she needs. If she can bring herself to speak to them...

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About This Author

Author Image Jules Anne Ironside grew up in a house full of books in rural Dorset. She loves speculative fiction of all stripes, especially fantasy and science fiction, although when it comes to the written word, she’s not choosey and will read almost anything. Actually it would be fair to say that she starts to go a bit peculiar if she doesn’t get through around three books a week.

Jules writes across various genres and it’s a rare story if there isn’t a fantastical or speculative element in there somewhere.

As a keen martial artist, Jules has studied several disciplines but is most accomplished in Goju Ryu karate which she has studied and taught for almost twenty years.

Her favourite things include books (obviously), slippers, cheese and surreal conversations. She now lives in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswold way with her boyfriend creature and a small black and white cat, both of whom share a god-complex.

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