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For the first time ever, Thief of Olympus for free for the next 5 days, 2/20 - 2/24!

Cover Lysandra is an Amazon princess, Zarek is the king of Thrace. They are pitted against each other in a deadly competition to steal from the gods. One of them will win, and the other's entire tribe or kingdom will die in the end!

Amazon synopsis

Lysandra, an Amazon princess, will never surrender her heart to a mere man. At her coming-of-age ceremony, her mother chooses a king to sire her child. Now she only hopes for the stronger of the genders - a daughter.

Zarek, king of Thrace, is better known for his past profession as the most infamous thief of all Greece. He needs a son and heir, but not a wife, and decides Lysandra will serve him fine.

When the baby is born and taken by the Goddess Artemis to be sacrificed, two enemies are suddenly brought together. Lysandra and Zarek are paired against each other to retrieve the lyre of Apollo, a thunderbolt of Zeus, and the golden chalice of the wine god, Dionysus, in order to secure their baby's fate.

One contestant will win. One kingdom or tribe will die. Unless the Thief of Olympus can steal back from the gods the most precious gift of all.


If you enjoy this novel, please be sure to see Elizabeth Rose site to read excerpts of her other books in the Greek Myth Series such as: The Pandora Curse, Kyros' Secret and The Oracle of Delphi.

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Plase visit Elizabeth's page to enjoy the book trailers from these two series!

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