Fairy Bad Day

Posted 21st January 2015

One of my personal Favs. !!!

Fairy Bad DayFairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars!

This book made me happy XD

Why did this make all my feels jump around like a kitten with a new toy? Well I will tell you.

1. She hunts fairies, and their dressed like hipsters( I have a little thing agents the way hipsters dress, no hate, just a thing ). I was never one to like fairies very much, more so because my nan, god love her, told me horror stories about them when I was a child, ( about how if you wandered into the woods at night they would take you away and drive you mad, crazy, cookoo, and all sorts of stupid ) only for my mother, evil woman that I love so much ;P, to play alone with such horrors. Needless to say for me to find a book that has a Fairy Slayer, brightened my day.

2. She totally Hates the hot guy even if she does get him at the end, still

The banter was fun, quick and at times made me laugh out loud, I do enjoy a good laugh.

There was some little downers, and some points in the book I did go, what the flying F X|

But I will over look those minor little annoyances and just enjoy the fact that even though she doesn't actually kill any fairies, just the big super one at the end, she doesn't get what she wants,Dragon Slayer and the story doesn’t have the typical happy ending, it all ties together neatly and leves you with that little bit of a hint that maybe,Just Maybe, sometime in the future, there will be more.

Have fun with this read; and keep your mind open and your thoughts crazy!

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