Divine Fall

Posted 22nd January 2015

Please Note: There maybe a tiny spoiler, read at own risk.. WHAHAHA.... >.<

Divine FallDivine Fall by Kathryn Knight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews (-Guest Reviewer Program-)

4.5 stars

I was highly impressed with this book. It caught my attention in the first few pages and it stayed at the level throughout the book; I may have gotten a little addict it to.

What I enjoyed most was the way Jamie’s and Dothan’s relationship developed. There was much conflict and confusion, as how most relationships start out. The instance attraction was there, but that sickening insta-love wasn’t. At one point Jamie pointed out, in her head, that she couldn’t be in love, it must be a case of lust. And that my friends made me throw up my hands and scream “Finally!”

I also took note to how much she loved her grandfather (bio or not). Even when she was given information to cause her to doubt him, she never stopped loving or believing in him. There’s a reality there, as in most families, it is not natural to doubt, or to commend a beloved family member, like a grandparent, because a hot guy, who you barley know, told you shocking and fighting information, that may or may not be true. It is natural to defend and protect them, and that’s what Jamie does. Though she has some slight suspicions, she doesn't brew about it, she seeks out the truth, because to me, Jamie doesn't have time for BS.

Dothan is a whole different kind of trouble. He isn’t your typical YA hot guy who farts roses. Why? Well he isn’t a jerk, or a controlling toolbox that makes her insecure at every turn they take. He does have a sad back story, but in the long run, it’s a very real story. The emotions he feels for what happened are very real and connecting for those that have been in a similar situation. Though he does blames himself for it, he isn’t dark about it.

At first meeting with Jamie, and her little fall, I was sure he was going to be another cookie cutter bad boy that I just wanted to smack the shit out of. But no, that was not the case. Though he does us her to gain access to some pretty important information, he wasn’t a complete ass (He did f*ck with her car, that was a dick move. I probably would have backhanded him. But thats just me, no one messes with my car!..Anyways) about it. At no point was Dothan ever mean to Jamie, and at no point did she take any BS from him.

The balance was real, their emotions felt real to me, and most of all, Jamie strength, resolve and growing feeling for Dothan, made me believe that they will be okay. It will be hard, but they’re fighters, and will fight for what they believe in, not what others believe will happen. I do wish that there was a little epilogue at the end, just a little tiny peek into the future, to close out that feeling that yes, they did make it. (And to see if they did, in fact, prove everyone else wrong.)

This book is a fast but fun read. It leaves you with all the warm happy feels that a good YA should have. Not leaving you with the urge to whip the book as hard as you can at a brick wall. (That may or may not have happened to me.) This book brings so much more then what you would expect. At first glance, mostly at the cover (yes it’s true, don’t judge a book) I had no real desire to read it. I’ve haven’t had much luck with YA’s lately, (thus the book throwing comment.. I'd never do it, I have too much respect for books, but the urge still present itself, on occasion), out of the 100 or so books I’ve read this year, only three or four YA’s have stood out for me, and frankly, that shouldn’t be. I don’t really know what made me look beyond that typical YA cover, be I did, and I’m happy I didn’t turn away from this fascinating read about love, in all its forms.

Because love isn’t all about romance, family was there first, and it will always be. Some YA’s forget that, and I’m elated that Divine Fall did not dismiss that real world fact.

I highly recommend this book. It’s another one of those hidden gems that makes you believe that not all YA’s are carbon copies of each other, and that there is hope for this world after all.

Read what you want to read, be honest when you do, and nothing will stop you.

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