Brew (Salem's Revenge, #1)Brew by David Estes
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(I received this book free from the Author through goodreads group [Shut Up & Read] {Read It & Reap} in exchange for my honest review)

5 stars!

I was hooked from the start.

I have read many a books about witches, but this was the first where they went bat-shit crazy and killed, everyone. Way better then zombies. They just bit, try to eat you, and if you’re not devoured then you turn into one. I rather get blasted to bits.

My heart broke a few times, (I lie, more than a few) there are many emotions swarming around (anger, grief, hopelessness, revenge, all the, ripe out your heart strings, ones ), and it's hard not to have your feels jackknifed.

Rhett is a sweet kid, and has to take in the fact that everyone he has ever loved is, gone. Believing that is almost impossible when you’re a child, (I know this personally, losing someone when you don't fully understand death is the hardest thing, though that is to say, it doesn’t get better as you get older.) What really made me like Rhett, was that, through all the suffering and trying to morn, there was still a small, spark of hope. In a world that has been pretty much obliterated, he still tries to be that sweet kid and struggles not succumb to the despair that surrounds him every day.

The world that David Estes has created is will rounded, descriptive, and solid. I never felt lost or confused. Each setting held the right amount of detail to paint the right picture of its surrounds. I find that some novels (not just YA,) if there’s too much description, it makes the novel boring, and dull. No one needs to know what color the mains socks are. ( ̄ー ̄)

I thoroughly enjoy how, nothing went right. [Show]

Rhett wasn't the typical, I can do anything! protagonist. He was that cute greeky kid, who didn't like to fight. So when the world went to shit, he had to learn, like use normal people, how to fight and how survive, before he could go a darting off on his own to, not save the world, but basically find some type of closure; or in his mind, revenge.

The story line takes place over a year. Unlike most YA where all the action happens in, a month (that’s being generous) and somehow the protagonist is, super everything!(I roll my eyes)

The stretched time span makes the story, though fill with murderous witches, more believable. Unless you’re a super computer (Or Neo from the Matrix) you can't simply learn how to fight/survive in one day.

Rhett doesn’t become an asshat as he goes about on his mission. He isn't dark or brooding, and at no point did I want to punch him in the face. This story isn’t anchored on an insta-love sub plot, that's only means is to poison our minds and create useless filler. Rhett is always focus on what needs to be done, even if he doesn't want to. Tired is a good way to say it.

I want Hex. He's a super dog, that's the world’s best multi tool. He can do everything, except turn into a knife. (Well he might, I just haven't seen that yet.. XD )

There are no flat moments, the transitions from one emanate death scene to the next, was polished and thought out. The normal plot holes that usually arrive around the transition; (how did we get here? Why is there a new charter? and so on) was nonexistence. When a new charter is introduced, be it a minor or major, they made a statement. I do believe there isn't a charter that I’ve forgotten about, even the brief but detailed intro's of The End's

I highly recommend this novel.

It's refreshing to read an original take on overused material. This book takes the “normal” stereotypes and gage worthy cliché's and transforms them into something fresh and exciting.

You will not be disappointed, take a change and dive into a new magical world where everything, and everyone is agents you.

I would like thank Mr. Estes for giving me the opportunity to read such phenomenal work.

Happy Days


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