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Release Date: 10/19/15

Bound by Vengeance.

Sadie has found the resolve to fight the man who caused so much pain in her life. Her tentative alliance with the HCA underground gives her the resources to train both her body and Talent for when she comes face to face with her grandfather.

Bound by Loss.

Being separated from her friends at St Vincent’s is harder than she could have ever realized and it doesn’t help that Kian has withdrawn from her as well. With help from a new friend, Sadie uncovers more about her past and that someone close to her has been keeping secrets from Sadie her entire life.

Bound by Fear.

Tragedy strikes close to home, giving a longstanding enemy, one desperate and willing to do anything to have Sadie on their side, an opportunity to arise. Allies and friends come together to stand against evil, but at a terrible cost. Sadie’s history and future collide while the world is thrown into chaos.

Sadie must overcome or forever be Bound. 

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Teaser Quotes:

A soft sigh escaped my lips as I shook my head, one corner of my lips turned upward. I sashayed up to Kian, pressed my body against his, and placed a hand on his crossed arms.
“Kian, you got it all wrong. If Luca hurts or betrays me…” I twisted around, facing Luca, removing my hand from Kian and reaching it out to Luca instead, releasing a sliver of vibration from my Talent. My face tipped forward every move calculated, threatening and gave him a chilling smile.
“He’ll answer to me.” 

Kian’s strong arms tightened around me as if he could feel the fear become this tangible thing threatening to consume me. “If there is one thing that I know about you, Sadie is that you are not selfish and you are not weak. You love your friends more than your own life and you will face this.” Kian pulled back, lifting my chin with his fingers so he could look me in the eye. “I didn’t know you before you lost Liam, but I know you had lost yourself for a while. These people, your friends, kept you from losing yourself completely. Now it is time for you to keep yourself together. For them. You will go in there and no matter what happens, you will be their strength now because that is who you are.”

I sniffled and uncurled my body. “You’re right.” My voice was scratchy from crying, but I was sure my face expressed that I wouldn’t continue this conversation. My response was the only concession I was allowing Kian because I wasn’t ready to go into our old argument. There was too much for me to think about.

“I’m ready to visit my friends.” I stood and stretched out my sore muscles. My eyes caught my reflection in the mirror above my dresser. Greasy strands of white hair were clumped together and hanging lifelessly around my dirt smeared face. It looked as if someone had attempted to wipe my face clean in a hurry, but didn’t get a chance to finish. If the reflection of my face was any indication, I dreaded looking at the rest of my body, but curiosity won.

I looked down and gasped. Partially healed lacerations and yellowing bruises coated my arms at irregular intervals. My white shirt was torn, exposing more of my body than I felt comfortable with, but underneath the slashes were angry red wounds that were mostly healed.

My gaze traveled further down, and at the sight of my leg, my hands covered my mouth in shock. The pant leg was sliced above the knee, cut with scissors, I assumed, due to the clean lines. Pants be dammed, it was the green and purple bruises in the exact shape and size of the chains that Link had worn around his body that drew my attention. A vision of the fight came forward and I remembered the chain he had wrapped around my leg in order to stop me.

“I look…”

“Like you survived a tough fight,” Kian answered for me.

Hello! Donnielle here. I’m a new indie young adult author. When I’m not writing, I spend my time reading, binge watching Netflix, homeschooling my two children, and hanging out with my husband.

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