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With seventh grade behind him, Jed jumps at the opportunity to spend the summer in Mexico with his dad. But there’s just one catch: Luke and Tread get to tag along.

 ​In Mexico, fitting in​might be easier than Jed imagined, ​with Holidays such as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)​.​ Here, a ​rising 8th grade zombie ​boy ​and his zombie dog ​won’t draw that much attention.

 But then Tread unwittingly sets off Mexico’s Chupacabra Defense Network and Jed accidentally collides with a bus​. So much for blending in. T​​he unusual pair catch the eye of a professional wrestler, who challenges ​Jed to a fight!​ ​

 Their antics manage to ​capture the attention of a doctor​ who​se knowledge of the undead ​caus​es Jed to question his very existence. ​Is this the answer Jed’s been hoping for since his parents sat him down for the “you’re a zombie” talk? Jed may have finally found a way to be normal, but at what cost?

Dead Jed: Return of the Jed is book 3 in Scott Craven’s humorous and heartwarming series about surviving middle school, fitting in, and embracing one’s differences – even if you are a zombie.

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What do you do to get into the writing zone? 


The zone actually starts long before I sit in front of the computer. When I was in the midst of Dead Jed, I was always toying with scenarios whenever my brain has some free time (which is, like, a lot). My goal is to know exactly where the story is going when I return to the creative process.
Once I fire up the computer -- again admiring those old-school authors who wrote by longhand in those dark pre-digital days – I start one of my many iTunes playlists, crack open a Cherry Coke Zero, and dig in. While writing the Jed trilogy, my goal each session was about a thousand words in four or five hours. I took frequent breaks to refresh unless I was on a roll (a rare circumstance).

I was never one of those writers who could dig in for ten hours straight, relentlessly pounding the keys until I was hungry enough to pull away.  Nor do I sketch out characters, or outline chapters, or create Venn diagrams to understand story arc and trajectory (honestly, I’m not even sure that last is a real thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some author doesn’t do that).

I’m a much more leisurely writer, allowing the story to take me where it wants to go. It keeps the process fun and unexpected, which easily persuades me to return to the writing zone.

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Proud graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, have one son who will turn 18 in March 2013, now a features writer for The Arizona Republic.

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