Harvest by Beth Martinu

Harvest (Frankie Harlow, #1)Harvest by Beth Martinu
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( I received this novel free from the author for my honest review )

4.5 stars!!

There is so much I love about this book that I'm finding it a little hard to put it all together so that it will make proper sense. Though it does make perfect sense in my head, well, we won't go there, my head isn't a place for, well anyone. (It's a scary place my friends XP )

The way this story was slowly yet skillful drawled out had me hooked from the first sentence. It was almost most teasing. One moment you’re in this dark place of death and then, you’re standing in the sunshine wondering, what the hell?

Frankie's emotions, her inner struggles with her confections about love had me close to tears at times. Having pretty much sworn off love after her mother’s death. A death that caused father to go into a catatonic mess for all of her teenage years, Frankie doesn't want to believe in soul mates or Love itself.
Love did get her, smacked in the face really, I'll give you a hint, C...

The roller-coaster of emotions had my stomach in knots because I can relate to what Frankie was going though and how she pushed it all away. Knowing those same emotions I felt (knew) that Beth Martinu was spot on.

Cam (The somewhat love interest/best friend) and Alyssa (best-friend) to me did fall a little short. (Thus the 4.5 instead of the full 5) Cam is a little more present then Alyssa. She only makes a few short appearances, just enough for me to go, hey it's her again, the cute one, (Friend A ). I don't have any lingering attachments to her, and the few shorts bits she was in, well, I wanted to learn more. She's seemed interesting, but was just another face in the crowd.

I kind of figured it out that she was going to die, and to be honest, I didn't really care; Alyssa is like that side charter in a horror movie, the one that always dies first and is soon forgotten.

As for Cam, at times I wanted to hit him and just knock some sense into that thick scull of his. I didn't like him as much as I wanted to; he was quick to anger and at times a total asshat.
He's in the disgruntled Friend Zone category
He gets a lot of screen time, he was the support (that cracked)for Frankie. So I was cheering for them, just half-heartily.

I will admit that I was thrown off with the seasons. It didn't even dawn on me where the book took place until I read that winter was in June. So I had to stop and hit myself before reading on. Then I had to rework my brain to remind myself that Australia’s season where flip to us Canadian’s. (P.S It's snowing right now, while down-under their all toasty warm.)

Despite my little dealings with the best-friends I very much love this book. The flow was smooth, the transition where done seamlessly and I was never confused (The season don't count.) The gradual acceptances of Frankie's new life, the hard emotions and the dark reality she had to push through were on point. Her inner struggles had you feeling like you were the one in the story, not the other way around.

I highly recommend this novel. Beth Martinu has created a fascinating world that will trap you and hold you until the very last pages are turned.

Thank you Beth Martinu for letting me read this intriguing work of literature and for letting me see into this new compelling world you have created.

"Don't judge a book, until you have read it yourself" - by unknown.


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